Ms. America 2017 Oksana Vovk is a Motivational Speaker at Dreams of America.

IRVINE, CA – 4 Apr, 2017 – Ms. America 2017 Oksana Vovk was a motivational speaker at Dreams of America, an adult day program for individuals with special needs.

“I was overwhelmed with excitement when addressing these amazing, courageous and loving program participants and sharing my Ms. America Pageant experiences and my life principles”, Vovk said. “I was invited to visit the program by Ms. Tala Fazeli, a hard-working and dedicated Program Director, who had a dream, a beautiful dream of serving the community of those with special needs and began a so much appreciated journey with a “Dream” to create a safe and positive environment for adults with developmental disabilities. And “Dreams of America” was born for those with Autism, ID, Down Syndrome, Epilepsy and Cerebral Palsy.”

Vovk, who won Ms. America 2017 competition in September of last year, is dedicated to her platform to fight autism and promote organic living.  “Both comprise an integral part of my life”, she said.  She seeks to make a difference during her year as Ms. America by positively influencing her community and leaving a legacy of a woman, who never gives up and goes after her dreams and goals.

Ms. America Pageant is open to women 26 years of age and up, single, divorced, widowed or married, with or without children.  For more information about the Ms. America® Pageant please visit Pageant’s official website at:  The Ms. America ® Pageant is a registered federal trademark with the USPTO in Washington DC since February 2000 and ranks as one of the top pageant trademarks in the United States.

“Only when you see the battles of others that you do not fight and cannot imagine fighting that you realize how much more needs to be done to make this world a better place, to make hearts warmer and minds more open.”

In the photo with the Dreams of America participants and staff members.

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