HiggsFit Launches its Floss Band

GAITHERSBURG, MARYLAND – 4 Apr, 2017 – HiggsFit reinvents high-quality exercise and fitness product that encourages blood flow and relieves pain in the body.

HiggsFit, Maryland today March 26, 2017, launched its online store for its finest Floss Bands product in Maryland, (higgsfit.com) for easy shopping with simple and fast shipping features. The online store also offers a large selection range of third-party promotions and the only place to buy the products.

“We are delighted to open our newest online store in Maryland,” said Tony Duong, HiggsFit PRO, “With the product being the most preferred compression bands number one choice of top athletes and gym goers, the online store is a convenient and great destination for our customers in Maryland.” The product is a cutting-edge tool that replaces foam rollers, massage balls, expensive manual massages or even physical therapy because of its amazing results. If your knee, shoulder, ankle or wrist hurts, wrap and affected part with an HiggsFit muscle band and do a range of motion exercise every day, you will soon eliminate the pain in your body for good.

Just in time to increase the number gym goers in Maryland and the District of Columbia area, the HiggsFit online store offers eligible customers the opportunity to take advantage of special seasonal pricing on our floss band product. The HiffsFit mobility and recovery floss band for muscle tack and floss-2 levels of compression encourages blood flow, increases the blood circulation and warms up the muscles. There are two levels of compression. The black mobility band measures.051” thick x 2” wide x 7’ long and offers compression for most athletes used for thighs/hamstrings, calf, and ankle. The red band measures 060″ thick x 2″ Wide x 7′ long offers an increased amount of compression for working large muscles or when you need a deeper flossing. It is best used for shoulders, arms, elbows, wrists, hands, and the foot. In effect, it reduces minor pains caused by strains, swelling, and sprains, and also relieves pain, promotes flexibility, and increases the range of motion.

The HiggsFit online store features the following pack of products for each order with their prices excluding shipping and handling. The company offers competitive prices and fast delivery services. It also offers 100% guarantee for its product and customers can return them for refunds after use for 60 days without any changes. No questions asked. There are occasionally marked down prices for customers to take advantage.

(a) The intense red compression floss band

(b) The black compression floss band

(c) The carrying bag

Price for each pack is: $22.99

“To keep the body in good health is a duty… otherwise, we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.” ~ Buddha.

We encourage you to take advantage to purchase this innovative product that will certainly improve physical and mental health. We thank all of you for your time.

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