Mp Home and Garden Shears at a Great Price

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS – 4 Apr, 2017 – Made with premium hardened steel, an easy to hold grip, resistance to wood sap, and adjusts easily for sharpening.

Mp Home and Garden Shears are on sale now, for only $9.99, at This amazing pruner is a must have tool for every gardener interested in having the best pruning shears.

Made with a premium blade, ergonomic design, resistance to wood sap, and easy to sharpen blade, you can’t go wrong. A hand pruner with a sharp blade, and easy to hold design helps you trim better and longer while working in the garden. 

The Mp Home and Garden Shears are made with a premium, high quality hardened steel blade, making them perfect for cutting small branches, flowers, and shrubs within your garden landscape. The sharp blade and ergonomic design make it easy to hold the pruning shears while cutting the debris from your landscape, allowing you to work faster and more efficiently in your garden. One customer says, “I am very impressed with the quality and ease of use, with these relatively inexpensive shears.” At $9.99, the price of these pruning shears is affordable and easily accessible through

These pruners have a necessary mechanism that makes them safer to sharpen and store. The hand and wrist protector helps guard against any dangerous accidents happening while using these very sharp garden cutters. Another customer commented, saying, “Very nice garden shears. They have a locking mechanism for safety and fit comfortably in your hands.” Safety is important when considering a tool such as the Mp Home Garden Shear.

The sap resistant blade is superior in preventing any sticking from sappy wood that you might be cutting through, allowing you to keep working on your landscape longer. The sap groove on these amazing pruners help guarantee the effectiveness of their 100% sap resistant quality. Shears at a great price can come in handy when those pesky weeds, unwanted vines, and twigs begin to grow around the house and in your garden. A good quality pruning shear is essential to have during spring and summer growing spurts. On sale now, these shears are available at and can be delivered quickly, straight to your home today.

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