VSKULL launches the first complete head protection system for the safe and sanitary use of all virtual and augmented reality headgear on April 14th, 2017

The future of virtual and augmented reality safe and sanitary head protection is here and will be available to consumers starting on April 14th, 2017 at the VRLA convention in Los Angeles. The first of its kind full head protection system is revolutionizing the way consumers publicly share headgear at VR arcades, trade shows and even at home with your family and friends.

SAN DIEGO, CA – 4 Apr, 2017 – The VSKULL’S (Patent Pending) design solves increasing consumer concerns regarding the transmission of sweat, bacteria, disease, head lice and pinkeye.  Our adjustable one-size-fits-all system creates a safe barrier of protection around the eyes and over the ears, hair and skin. 

VSKULL is made with a Lycra material which is breathable, resistant to bacteria, washable and extremely comfortable to wear.  As a BONUS! our system blocks up to 100% of that annoying light entering most headgear creating an improved VR experience.

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The VSKULL was an idea shared by two of the Virtual Reality industries leading startup investors in 2016 when Shawn Heyl and Weston Twomey funded one of the nation’s first virtual reality arcades in San Diego, Ca.  While witnessing the increasing public use of VR headgear at family entertainment centers, VR arcades and trade shows they began developing a complete sanitary head protection system for all headgear. 

In late 2016 Shawn and Weston partnered with successful inventor and product designer Randy Heybl who leads the design, manufacturing and fulfillment for the VSKULL.  With Randy’s track record and experience in perfecting products prior to bringing to market, the VSKULL is now ready for release to the public. 

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