Airwheel E3, a Smart Folding Portable Electric Bike Without Chain

Airwheel E3 is a bicycle that is powered by imported lithium-ion battery and has no chain. Nowadays, it is widely applied to people’s life and greatly facilitates various daily travels. The double-ring design increases sense of beauty and load capacity. The operating arm is adjustable. Thus, E3 is an all-people travel transport.

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As traffic jam and parking space become tenser and tenser, which causes difficult travel. What is worse, the air quality is declining with each passing day, which mainly results from excessive exhausts discharged by gasoline-powered vehicles. Airwheel E3, a smart folding electric bike without chain, is helpful to relieve traffic jam, save parking space and improve environmental quality. What is more, it is fitted for all people and brings great convenience to life.

smart folding electric bike

Airwheel E3 foldable e bike is much small than ordinary bikes and thus it can pass through many narrow corridors easily. In rush hours, it is able to weave among congested traffic smoothly, which saves much valuable time for people. In the meantime, it owns multiple folding system. Several simple steps will fold it to smaller figure. The folded E3 can be taken into many small spaces, like trunk, bus, subway and others. Then, the parking space is largely saved and the application field is widely broadened.

E3 Smart E Bike

Different from traditional bikes, E3 has no chain. In other words, it isn’t driven by physical strength, but imported lithium-ion battery. It not only makes riding relaxing, but also is pollution-free. Compared with gasoline-powered automobiles, E3 is eco-friendly. The adopted battery has another highlight. The built-in port can charge some electronic devices, such as cell phone, camera or notebook.

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Airwheel E3 foldable e bike has an exclusive APP. For one thing, the APP can be installed in the phone and display real-time information of E3 Smart E Bike intuitively. The riding speed, current mileage, location and battery can be directly read from the phone. For another thing, it can check the fault before riding and makes riding safe and sound. The separated saddle gives riders comfortable riding experience. Even if it is a long-time riding, people won’t feel exhausted at all. E3 doesn’t need chain but still facilitates people’s life to the largest extent.

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