Running Belt Max Brand Fitness Waist Pack Reaches 300 Review Milestone on Amazon

“Running Belt Max, Top Rated Amazon Best Seller”
Accumulating 300 reviews for a fitness product on is uncommon, but there seems to be no stopping this best-selling exercise belt

Running belt waist packs are a relatively new product in the world of running gear. These pocketed belts allow runners to carry important items such as a cell phone, keys, money, ID, gels, and more. Most runners report that they experience a better run using a running belt to carry their gear, instead of holding it in their hands or using a cumbersome armband. This allows them to stay focused on their run.

Another advantage to using a runner’s belt, is it allows the user to listen to music while on the track or trail, which can act as a motivator to those who go on long runs. The peace-of-mind aspect also comes into play — having easy access to a cell phone for important calls is essential.

The Running Belt Max was introduced in early 2016, and it has now received more than 300 reviews, with an average review score of 4.7 out of 5 stars on

Michelle Nipper, the president of Running Belt Max, says having a top-quality product is essential in getting such a high review rating and having a large fan base.

“We’ve spent nearly six months perfecting our running belt, and our customers have taken notice of the quality materials we use, and the attention to design and detail”, Michelle Nipper said in an interview. “We offer a no questions asked, lifetime money-back guarantee. This is how confident we are with our product.”

The Running Belt Max has not only received rave reviews, but it’s also one of the top-selling running waist packs on Amazon, and it’s on track to top last year’s sales figures.

With every purchase of the running belt, customers get a handy eBook, titled: “What Everybody Ought to Know… The Right and Wrong About Running, Health and Fitness.” They’ve also added a second bonus gift; a water bottle holder that can be used for walking or hiking.

To read the reviews of the Running Belt Max, or to purchase it, visit their Amazon product page directly here:

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