Life Coach, Daryl Fletcher, Interviews over 100 couples In His New Book, Disgustingly Beautiful: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly of Couples

5 April, 2017 – Life coach and best-selling author, Daryl Fletcher, proudly announces the launch of his new book, Disgustingly Beautiful: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly of Couples. The book is a must have for singles or married couples. A  life coach and expert, Daryl Fletcher was married for 16 years and went through a divorce. Toward the end of his marriage, he began to chronicle his experiences of what worked, and what didn’t. The new book is an excellent guide for anyone who dreams of having a relationship that works.

The best-selling book is divided into three basic concepts, pre-dating, dating and dating marriage concepts. Disgustingly Beautiful: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly of Couples helps prepare people for a successful relationship right before even being in one. Most times, being in a relationship when one is not well prepared increases the odds of failure. Readers can use the wisdom in the book to prepare well for a relationship, navigate through together in tough times.

“After being married for 16 years, I went through a divorce. Toward the end of my marriage, I began to chronicle my experiences of what worked and what didn’t. I compiled my experiences along with interviewing over 100 couples from the first date to a couple that was married for 54 years. Through the interviews, the study of human behavior and my personal experiences; I have written a book on relationships. My goal is to help those who desire to be in a relationship; those that are in a relationship; and those who may be married,says Daryl Fletcher

He says further, “As a life coach when I coach clients, I use a 3 legged stool approach to helping my clients in Purpose (Why are you here?), People (Relationships) and Profits (How you make your money). If one leg is affected, the whole stool will be shaky.

Daryl Fletcher is a relationship strategist, motivational speaker, licensed minister, and life coach. He works with his clients, adding value to them by addressing topics on relationships, Dating and Single lifestyles. He helps individuals and couples live a life of purpose. His goal is to ignite passion and point people in the direction of purpose.

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