New Indian Startup Sets Out On A Mission To Revolutionize Film Production and Delivery

Arun Kumar Sampathkumar, Founder & CEO, Summa Productions Private Limited is an avid film watcher, however, the way Indian cinema, especially the Tamil cinema has been evolving is leaving fans like Arun frustrated. Taking matters into his own hands, Arun has set out to bring about a change in how people are watching films and content of these films through his recently launched startup Summa Productions Private Limited, a film production company that produces short films that are affordable, accessible and intellectually challenging by design; and are delivered on Summa Production’s own web platform.

Speaking about his company, Arun said, “Fuelled by the frustration of having to tolerate the so-called mass-entertainers on many occasions, I, joined by my brother-in-law Veeramani, founded Summa Productions Private Limited, a film production company focused on what we are calling Intellectually Challenging Entertainment [ICE]. We built our web-based platform to deliver our content to our audience via the internet. From the little we know, we are the first film production company to have launched their film on their own OTT Platform.”

Besides focusing on the content of the films they produce and deliver, Arun and his team at Summa Production have also taken into consideration the opportunity cost of watching a movie at the theater located in a mall and have tried to develop a solution that is more in keeping with the modern times with internet and the evolving needs of the audience. When someone chooses to buy a ticket for a Summa Production’s film, he/she will get a custom-URL which will be live for 48 hours across 5 unique browser sessions. This means the paying customers can watch it as many times as they want to and also share the content they paid for, legally, across 5 browser sessions for 48 hours from the time of payment. The benefits of paying for a Summa Production film exceed that of watching a movie in a cinema, customers will be entitled to legally share the content they have paid for with their friends and family without an additional charge [48-hr limit].

Each film costs INR 15 only which is the most affordable rate for watching a film in India. The intellectually challenging films will have English subtitles because the company is operating at a global level and will be accepting payments from international customers which means anyone from anywhere with a reliable broadband connection can pay and enjoy films even if they might not understand the language of the film.

About us:

Summa Productions Private Limited is a film production company built on the aspirations of delivering Intellectually Challenging Entertainment [ICE]. Moving forward with the objective of serving the entertainment needs of those marginalized members of the audience who are hell bent on enjoying entertainment if and only if it has substance that meets their intellectual needs in any way.

By leveraging the powers of internet, Summa Productions will be delivering their productions exclusively over the internet through their website

Media Contact
Company Name: Summa Productions Private Limited
Contact Person: Arun Kumar Sampathkumar
City: Los Angeles
State: CA
Country: United States