New Advanced Accounting Solutions: Self-Managed Super Fund Taken to a New Level with My Super Expert

My Super Expert is an SMSF tool that can give any Australian accountant an edge. This new solution allows for more efficient SMSF management and interaction with clients, providing one more control of their financial future.

SMSF (Self-Managed Super Fund) has been steadily gaining popularity over the last decades. People are interested in it because this tool enables them to ensure a better financial position upon retirement. Managing their own super is a freedom necessary for any money-savvy person who understands that not all monetary choices are equally good.

Of course, people require assistance with efficient money management as well as the matters of taxation. They employ accountants and similar experts to help them manage their funds in the right way.

However, these specialists also require specialized solutions to provide their clients with the highest quality of service. My Super Expert is one of these tools and it can completely change the way one administers SMSF.

My Super Expert: Features and Benefits

SMSF management is a difficult task even for a talented and skilled accountant. The more clients one has, the harder it gets as one has to keep in mind their individual differences. The financial professionals also must dedicate their time to attending to their clients’ other needs and offering them advice, which cuts into their SMSF administration time.

The recently introduced tool, called My Super Expert is a tool designed to simplify this task, especially the administration, audit, and compliance of the SMSF. It can be used not only by financial pros, but by anyone who wants to establish and manage a small retirement fund. offers more detailed information on the extent of the solution’s features. The main highlights are:

24/7 access.
Affords one immediate access to their SMSF portfolio.

Varied administration models.
Allows customizing the solution to support various levels of administration, based on the clients’ needs.

Efficient reporting.
Ensures all relevant financial reports are compiled on time.

My Super Expert Truly is a tool that enables one to take full control of their finances. When wielded by a financial expert, it can become an instrument of success for an SMSF that will provide all members of the fund with a highly comfortable retirement portfolio.

Nowadays, SMSF trustees have control of 1/3 of the superannuation funds in Australia and this number is growing with every year. My Super Expert was developed to cater to the needs of these people, who require more convenience and transparency in SMSF administration. To learn more, contact the My Super Expert team.

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