Smartphone App helps to make Electric Bike Rental System Fully Automatic

Traditional e-bike rental system will be upgraded gradually by smart technology under the support of smartphone App system.

Bikes and ebike rental had been a stable service business in touring sites worldwide, however, due to the complicated and troublesome rent & payment process, traditional bike & ebike rental shops has restricted their business in a certain districts and a limited quantity. 

However, things are changed sign 4G & 5G technology and smartphone App has made it become automatic. 

The application of these smart bike rental system is easily seen in China, from Mobike to OFO, Xiaoming to Bluegogo. Users scan a QR code to download the App, register and pay the deposit, search an available bike to unlock, and then start the renting use. After finished, it will be returned and effect payment all via App as well. 

The use of these App and rental system is based on huge commuting demand in big cities, counting on tens of thousands of bicycles available in every corner of the city, only being managed by capable business giants. Yet, there has been smart and convenient solutions to small rental business, which doesn’t require large quantity of bikes/ebikes, nor big investment financially. 

The system would have a interface to international online payment channels, such as Apple-pay or credit card payment. It should also integrate a SIM/GSM card compatible to local telecom standard, and then with GPS tracking available. When the bike is rented, it would be under supervision by the Admin system, from renting time and expense, would be measured and calculated all automatically. 

Since such rental systems are designed for small rental business, it would require the users return the bikes/ebikes to nominated area, for example the rental shops or special locations. Some of such systems will have to work with an extra stop pile to insure the locking of bike and charging of ebike.  Others, like the COBIKE auto rental system, using Onebot T8 Ebike as the rental ebike, would create a Virtual Stop Pile, as long as the rental shop has charging ports for the ebike, then all would be operated completely automatically. Moreover, the shop doesn’t have to equip a desktop device either, simply a smartphone can manage all the ebike activities, including battery levels, and all the incomes from the admin server. That would be perfectly economical and convenient. The system would start minimum from 30 ebikes at the beginning, affordable to new and old ebike rental companies. 

With the mature of auto Ebike rental system technology, the benefits of E-bikes would be acknowledged by more and more users, would then help the growth of ebike sales as well. 

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