Get the Latest in Depression Treatment Technology in the South Bay!

Manhattan Beach, CA – Battling depression is an exhausting fight. It drains the body and mind and leaves many Americans every year feeling lost and confused. Depression is a serious disorder that affects over 350 million individuals worldwide. Often, it is ignored and misdiagnosed due to a strong stigma against an environment of honesty surrounding mental health, predisposition to mental illness and coping mechanisms.

It is challenging to be truthful about depression and even harder to move forward with healing and treatment. All too commonly, patients are wrongly diagnosed leading to many rounds of failed regimens or medications. This can lead a patient and the ones that love them to feel helpless and desperate for relief. Finding depression help can be tiring. Life does not stop when depression hits and sometimes medication is not the right route. South Bay TMS Therapy Center understands this and wants those who suffer from these issues to know that their caring and attentive staff are there for everyone in need.

South Bay TMS Therapy Center specializes in a very specific depression treatment. Generally, doctors provide verbal assistance through counseling and psychological support to begin the process of healing. Sometimes, this does not go as planned or as the patient had imagined. More often than not, medication is prescribed. The human brain is a delicate center of processing and sometimes introducing out of the ordinary chemicals in anattempt to rebalance can be harmful and uncomfortable. Even more commonly, patients are left out of this decision, which increases the feeling of helplessness. This therapy center focuses on a very specific kind of depression help known as Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation.

TMS is a very noninvasive procedure that has many benefits to its non-chemical dependent process. It is medication free, FDA approved and proven to be life changing. It works to restore patient’s internal balances through the placement of magnetic coils and electromagnetic involvement. The magnet stimulates certain nerve cells within the brain and helps to find balance for depression and even mood control. It has been proven to activate parts of the brain that have become dusty in the wake of depression. Those looking to finally get the medication free depression treatment they deserve should seek out the services at the South Bay TMS Therapy Center immediately. They are dedicated to assisting patientswith overcoming their demons in a healthy, noninvasive way. Depression treatment is difficult, with South Bay TMS Therapy Center, it does not have to be anymore.

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