Laws and Sausage: You Never Want To See Either One Get Made! Helpful Tips And Tricks On How Anyone Can Influence The Public Policy Process

New Orleans, LA – The current news cycle is dominated by the countless political protests and mass demonstrations taking place across the United States, in communities both big and small, and by groups of people whose backgrounds are often as diverse as their demands. The right to peaceably assemble is protected under the First Amendment as a means for the people to express, defend and promote their collective ideas; however, it has soon become evident that the growing waves of protesters have a better chance at achieving their goals through another mode of action: learning how to influence elected officials by working the public policy process.

The aforementioned statement represents the crystallization of Brian S. Trascher’s philosophy. Mr. Trascher, a prominent New Orleans businessman, is often credited with contributing in the efforts “to bridge the divide that often exists between business and politics.”

Among his many accomplishments and notable business endeavors, Mr. Trascher is a Senior Partner at Gulf South Strategies, where he “has worked to give both access and a voice in local and federal  government to a diverse roster of clients that spans everything from local non-profit organizations to multi-billion dollar corporations on the Fortune 500 list.”

Deciding to share his wisdom gained from his years-long professional experience, Mr. Trascher penned his debut book, Laws and Sausage: You Never Want To See Either One Get Made!, which is meant to serve as a comprehensive guide for any individual, organization and professional advocate on how to effectively promote their agenda – whichever it may be – to influential, elected public figures.

In his foreword to Laws and Sausage, Mr. Bob Livingston, a retired member of the Congress and president of the Livingston Group, speaking of Mr. Trascher, wrote “Brian Trascher has learned well his profession as a lobbyist. His work serves as an indispensable primer for prospective clients, lobbyists, and political junkies of all stripes.”

Laws and Sausage: You Never Want To See Either One Get Made! is available in paperback and Kindle formats on

Mr. Trascher is soon to embark on a speaking tour in support of the book’s recent publication. Tour dates and locations will be announced in future communications with the media.

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