Publishes Infographic Illustrating The Current State of Gold Mining & Discovery In The USA

From the first discovery of Gold in America in 1782, through the great Gold Rush of California in 1849 and beyond, it’s all graphically detailed on the latest Infographic from

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIFORNIA, September 2, 2014, Information is only as good as its source. When it comes to investing money, the accuracy of the data is critical. has established itself as the leading research destination for investing insights and commentary of Gold, precious metals, and may be the first precious metals informational website on the Internet. They have announced the publishing of their latest Infographic entitled “Gold In The USA”. It is a must read for all precious metals investors, and has created quite a buzz on Investing Forums and Blogs.

Gold-Eagle’s presentation of “Gold In The USA” is a fact-filled graphic that has been intensely researched, and makes for an interesting read. Readers will gain insight into the origins of “Gold Fever” in the USA, and how it captured the imagination of all those seeking to make their fortune. When James W. Marshall was building a sawmill along the American River in Coloma, CA, back in 1848, he noticed “gold flakes”. Mr. Marshall had no idea what was to follow when word got out about his discovery. That was the beginning of the 1849 Gold Rush, and California was never the same. A new industry was born.

Many people do not know that America produces the third most Gold on the planet, as is illustrated on the Infographic. Of interest is the fact that the 5 largest gold mines are all in Nevada, and their names are also illustrated. The 2013 Gold Production is shown for these 5 top mines, and the largest is a whopping 1,300,000 ounces. Anybody interested in seeing where the largest gold ore deposits are located can easily see them on the “Gold In The USA” infographic, and they are all in one state. The largest deposit is a staggering 107,269,278 ounces. reports that they provide the latest gold market technical analysis and commentary from some of the world’s leading analysts and writers. The site is also home to gold forums, real-time gold spot prices, state-of-the-art charts, gold price forecasts and predictions and a popular bi-weekly email newsletter. I.M. Vronsky is the founder of Gold-Eagle, and has over 40 years’ experience in the international investment world.

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