The Chula Vista Elementary School District experiences highest enrollment matched with their exceedingly growing teaching staff

5 April, 2017 – California’s Department of Education statistics on elementary schools ​show Chula Vista Elementary School District’s​ teaching staff growing tremendously in response to the large increase in students. The average class size has not increased, despite a massive growth in the student enrollment over the past five years. Having this favorable student to teacher ratio produces smaller classroom sizes for the district, which for the past five-year has impressively remained above the state and national average. These smaller class sizes allow for Chula Vistas students to have a more enhanced learning environment where students and teachers can connect more one on one.

In the area of student engagement, findings consistently show the value of small classes for elementary school students. According to the National Council of Teachers of English, “Students talk and participate more in smaller classes. They are much more likely to interact with the teacher rather than listen passively during class. Students’ display less disruptive behavior in small classes, and teachers spend less time on discipline, leaving more time for instruction. Specifically, teachers in smaller classes can better diagnose and track student learning and differentiate instruction in response to student needs.”

Minority students and students who struggle greatly with English literacy benefit greatly from smaller class sizes and low teacher to student ratios. This fact is particularly relevant to the City of Chula Vista, with 79% of its student population being Latino and Filipino. Early learning difficulties are more easily addressed and the proper attention can be applied. Smaller class sizes help these early students by creating more effective learning communities that foster more teacher and student interaction.

School enrollment takes place at the neighborhood school that corresponds with your home address. If you need help determining the name and location of your neighborhood school, contact the Student Placement department at 425-9600, ext. 1570, or view the Street Directory for 2017-2018 here.

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About Chula Vista Elementary School District and Enrollment

Home to some of the​ ​best schools in San Diego County​, students in the Chula Vista Elementary School District experience a rigorous 21st Century learning environment that is rooted in effective teaching practices and high-quality instruction. Our mission is to nurture every child’s imagination, intellect, and sense of inquiry. Working collaboratively, we tap a collective intelligence rich with the spirit and creativity necessary for students to become difference makers.

The district’s 46 schools serve more than 29,700 students, primarily in grades K-6. Our schools serve a vibrant, diverse community that features a blend of residential areas, recreational facilities, open space, and light industry.


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