Chula Vista Elementary School District Hosts City-Wide Speech Contest

Once a year ​Chula Vista Elementary School District​ hosts a speech competition for over forty schools in their district. The competition is separated into four divisions, 4th, 5th, 6th grade and middle school. The speech competition allows students to compete against their peers in the invaluable art of public speaking. Students spend weeks in advance preparing for the competition, writing speeches, practicing memorization and confident presentation skills.

The speech competition is a fun way for students to work on their speech and presenting skills. While all students are not required to participate in the competition, all are encouraged to. The goal is to help students become more comfortable with public speaking, an art they will take and apply them to high school and hopefully college and their future careers.

Tenacity is also a trait taught at the Chula Vista Elementary School speech competition. While each year there are four winners, for many of the speakers this is not their first time participating. Fifth grade champion Micaela Luffborough illustrates her experience with the speech competition, ​“Winning this year’s competition was special to me because I did not give up. This was my third time at the finals and I believed in myself more than ever,” Micaela said. Each winner is presented with a trophy, blue ribbon, a $200 savings bond, and an invitation to deliver their winning speech at Wednesday night’s school board meeting.

Chula Vista Elementary School District enjoys putting on events which challenge and help better prepare their students for life beyond the classroom. The annual CVESD Speech competition is sponsored by the Chula Vista Rotary Club. The Chula Vista Rotary Club is very active within the school district, they have a mission of improving the lives of our students and better preparing them for life after school. Implementing academic, fun and challenging events is just one of many ways Chula Vista Elementary School District has been continually improving its academic atmosphere.

About Chula Vista Elementary School District

Home to some of the ​best schools in San Diego County​, students in the Chula Vista Elementary School District experience a rigorous 21st Century learning environment that is rooted in effective teaching practices and high-quality instruction. Our mission is to nurture every child’s imagination, intellect, and sense of inquiry. Working collaboratively, we tap a collective intelligence rich with the spirit and creativity necessary for students to become difference makers.

The district’s 46 schools serve more than 29,700 students, primarily in grades K-6. Our schools serve a vibrant, diverse community that features a blend of residential areas, recreational facilities, open space, and light industry.

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