TRAVELLERS TRILOGY – Amusing short stories about trips of all sorts

Michel F. Bolle doesn’t make travelling easy for the characters in his “TRAVELLERS TRILOGY”.

While most people love travelling, it can sometimes turn into a rather weird, annoying, or frustrating experience. Michael F. Bolle collected a vast amount of his own experiences during his travels and in addition observed other people. These experiences and observations inspired him to write a few short stories that will not fail to entertain his readers. In his story about Miranda, for example, the unfortunate flight passenger finds herself stuck in the middle seat. Her seat neighbour at the window turns up just as Miranda had set herself up with her laptop. Then the other neighbour turns up – and he should have had to pay for two seats. Miranda is not amused, but then the story takes a surprising direction.

The stories in “TRAVELLERS TRILOGY” by Michel F. Bolle show that the unexpected can and will often happen during the journeys you take. The stories are incredibly entertaining and good to read, however, they also show that you should not always jump to your own conclusions. Often, our assumptions are far from the truth, and with a little bit of open-mindedness we can get a lot more from our travel experiences. The stories do not only entertain the readers but also make them think.

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