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KITCHENER, ON, N2A 0J5 – 6 Apr, 2017 – Webmasters and internet marketers send thousands of emails to their clients and potential customers every day. Emails bouncing back means a reduced Sender Score, which is a rating between 0 to 100 that identifies your sender reputation and shows how other mailbox providers view your IP address. It is similar to a credit score when testing your credit worthiness, but instead tests your deliverability worthiness. A high Sender Score means the majority of your email campaign messages will reach the inboxes, whereas a low Sender Score means your messages will reach the recipients’ junk folders, or even worse, be blocked by the mailbox provider altogether.

Luckily, Email Checker is here to assist you in significantly reducing bounce backs! A reduction in bounce backs means an increased Sender Score, resulting in more emails reaching your recipients’ inboxes!

The company says, “Email Checker is a one stop solution to verifying email addresses. It identifies invalid and fake email addresses by completing up to 17 different tests on each one. Our service includes the ability to verify single email addresses at a time, bulk lists and even real-time validation through our simple API. Simply log into our web based portal, purchase credits and in no time, start verifying email addresses!”

The company says, “Email Checker’s web based portal allows customers to login and verify single or bulk email lists whenever convenient for them. Our bulk verifier solution can handle a list as small as 500 email addresses to even a list of 10+ million email addresses. Our fast and scalable network allows for companies of all sizes to use our service.”

“Many customers use Email Checker’s API to receive real-time email verification on their website or within their app. By connecting with our API, website and app owners can immediately validate email addresses being inputted into opt-in forms, contact forms, registration forms, and the list goes on. Informing customers of their accidental misspelling immediately allows them to change it before submitting and reconnect your potentially lost ability to communicate with the customer,” they added. “On the other hand, users who opt-in to receive your free service, but purposely enter a fake email address can be stopped and forced to enter their correct address on the spot.”

The company said, “Our highly intelligent system scans email addresses 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It’s running full time and at fast speeds to ensure every customer receives their verification service quickly.”

Email Checker guarantees a 97%+ successful deliverability rate after verifying email addresses with their service. They have verified over 1 billion+ email addresses to date and have fixed over 3 million issues. Customers trust Email Checker’s service to be secure, safe and accurate!

Email Checker has many positive testimonials and offers customers the ability to submit them on their website to further prove the legitimacy of these testimonials.

If you receive emails through your website or app, or send bulk email campaigns to customers periodically, Email Checker’s service is a must-have solution to keeping your Sender Score high. Check out Email Checker’s versatile payment options with no strings attached, designed to suit every company’s individual needs. Real, Fake or Dead, you name it, we checkmate it!

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