SACRAMENTO, CA – 6 Apr, 2017 – California Videowork, and Gold River Films announced today that Band of Keepers, the latest film starring Gabrielle Niebauer (Heart KPOP), will be available for purchase and rent on®. The film, directed by James Niebauer, will be released onto Vimeo on Demand®, IndieReign®, FlixPremiere® and Pantaflix® following the Amazon® release. Band of Keepers – which continues the new media line of movies from California Videowork, following the popular movie Heart KPOP – will be released worldwide on June 15.

“Band of Keepers is a fun, quirky, get in your face kind of action comedy,” said Daniel Roberts, president of Worldwide Distribution for California Videowork. “We’ve had excellent responses to the movie from audiences – it’s testing extremely well. James Niebauer has made Band of Keepers the most visually entertaining action movie of the company so far, with a female lead and a loveable cast that will have audiences wanting to experience this movie again and again.”

“Beginning with our first release-Heart KPOP-Gold River Films and California Videowork have created a strong and exciting trend of bringing heartfelt entertainment to movie-goers around the world,” said E.B. Lee, Senior Executive Vice President, Gold River Films. “Together with our friends and colleagues at California Videowork, we are excited to continue that legacy with Band of Keepers, which is sure to entertain audiences when it launches this spring on Amazon® worldwide.”

James Niebauer returns to direct the latest movie in California Videowork’s (Heart KPOP) new media line division, Band of Keepers, which finds a rich heiress (Gabrielle Niebauer) on a journey to recover the stolen St. Gauden’s Coins. After gold was banned in 1933, one man (Mark Hoffman) was entrusted to safeguard the U.S. interests. When Gabbi realizes that the gold belongs to her family, she enlists a bunch of nobodies, a group of kids who will help lead her to the gold. Together, they figure out the clues to stop a criminal enterprise from using the gold to reinstate the southern confederacy. The film’s screenplay is by L.B. Bachem. Daniel Roberts, Gabrielle Niebauer and James Niebauer are the producers.

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California Videowork (CV) is an independent company. CV’s North American operations encompass motion picture production, aquisition and distribution; new media production, acquisition and distribution; digital content creation and distribution; operation of mobile production units; and development of new entertainment products and services.

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