Jeff German isn’t fretting about new release

MADISON, WI – 6 Apr, 2017 – Slothtrop Records is pleased to announce their latest release “12 Fret Nights” from blue collar americana artist Jeff German. This is German’s third release with Slothtrop, but his first as a true solo artist. Jeff left his long time backing band the Blankety Blanks on the sideline and sequestered himself with some the Midwest’s best sidemen. The results can be summed up in one word – LOUD.

Jeff German grew up listening to his older brother’s records and learned to kneel at the alter of Bowie, the Stones, the Clash, and the Jam. Young enough to have missed Gene Vincent and Eddie Cochran the first time around, he embraced them whole heartedly by his early twenties. Jeff cut his teeth playing in LA punk-a-billly bands for Slash records, and then did his best to them from being knocked out during his stint as a professional hocky player. His crazy collection of musical influences has allowed him to horse around with some of the nation’s best americana artists. He was the guitar player for Lydia Loveless, has tourd extensivly with Todd May, and continues to find work as a Nashville session artist. German has been enriched by a wealth of life experience. With his trademark humility, German says, “I am the son of a strong union electrician. I am a husband, a father and a grandfather. I am a 50- year-old man who, after taxiing teenagers around and coaching high school hockey, has a few hours left in a day to cobble together some songs and some tunes.”

“12 Fret Nights” finds German in rare form. Abandoning his Columbus, Ohio hometown to record in Madison, WI with vetern producer Eric Hester, Jeff found common ground with former hardcore drummer turned jazz composer Michael Brenneis, critically acclamed guitarist Dan Kennedy, and the prince of the lowend Matt Wilson. The record sounds like exactly what it is, four highly accomplished musicians turning their amps up loud and letting their exuberent sound wash over German’s sturdly written songs. Much more Neil Young then Neil Diamond and at least two parts Crazy Horse to one part Big Star, “12 Fret Nights” finds Jeff in a career sweet spot, showing younger artists where they should be headed be lighting the way. Songs like, “Death Row” and “I Don’t Matter” show the writers depth and maturity, while a rocker like “Someday” speaks to the rebel in all of us.

“12 Fret Nights” is a joy ride and can be found everywhere online and in finer record stores April 7th. Jeff German kicks off a supporting tour that same day with stops in Ohio, Tennesse, Kentucky, Virginia and North Carolina.

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