Wandera Offers Security For Mobile Enterprise Clients

San Francisco, CA With the fast paced business world of today, it has become imperative that companies extend their workability to mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones. For some professions, working in an office is just not feasible. However, whether working in a home, in an office, or on the go, it is crucial for anyone accessing the internet to be able to do so securely. This only becomes more important for those conducting business on these channels.

As businesses continue to become increasingly exposed to new online threats and vulnerabilities, including data leaks, it becomes imperative that these companies invest in online security. Wandera provides an enterprise-grade defense system to prevent mobile security risks, helping devices stay secure across all four levels of protection identified by Gartner.

“Wandera is mobile security for mobile enterprise. When you’re on the go for business, you can’t waste time worrying what information your mobile device might be leaking about you or your business,” explains Wandera representative, Liarna La Porta. “From WiFi hotspots to mobile applications, Wandera provides all around network security for your mobile device. With our available software, you’ll have the advantage of unparalleled visibility, restriction of downloads, and a software that reduces your chances of exposure thanks to its proactive and reactive capabilities.”

Wandera’s monitoring software provides unparalleled visibility which allows users to see various applications and third party software running on their device, which are generally hidden from standard interfaces. This helps users to react to threats before they ever happen, including blocking and removing unwanted downloads. This same feature can also be used to identify and deny suspicious applications that can mine data. The Wandera software comes with the ability to scan mobile applications, identifying apps with improper permissions. Wandera is designed to create a zero-day threat detection, thanks to its ability to scan in real time.

While Wandera comes with a number of built in security failsafes, it is also a customizable software built to work the way users need it to most. Rather than just scanning outside threats like risky WiFi hotspots and installed apps, Wandera can also monitor a device for patchable holes in an operating system and behavioral anomalies within a device. Wandera can be configured to survey for usage spikes, location changes, modifications to apps, and other anomalies in an effort to prevent future threats. Users can configure Wandera in a way that best meets their usage needs, including restricting access to risky websites and content. Learn more about the Wandera software capabilities here.

In addition to their software information, Wandera’s easy-to-use website also features a blog filled with the latest insights and updates on software and security, featuring high-quality content in a variety of posts, free for all site visitors.

Wandera is located at 180 Sansome Street in San Francisco, California 94104 and the company can be reached by phone at 415-275-0636, or at their website.

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