Firm launches accident scan app that provides accident detection for buyers of used cars

App allow users get full details about a vehicle via irregularities in the paintwork

For years, used car buyers have had to rely on a costly analysis of insurance reporting to determine whether a vehicle has been in a collision, or had major repairs or not. This lack of autonomy means customers have not had access to a complete set of information when making major purchasing decisions. iSOS LLC is proud to announce the launch of Accident Scan, a first-of-its-kind app that allows users to quickly and easily detect car accidents. The app makes it simple for users to scan and identify irregularities in a vehicle’s paintwork that indicate a repair was made. The app also lets the user know the amount of price deduction that should be done if an accident is found.

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“Buying a car is a major purchasing decision that always comes with a significant risk. Accident Scan helps customers eliminate a substantial amount of that risk, with 97% accuracy. Many of our users have been able to reduce $500 off the price of the car by using the app,” said Tausif Paracha, of iSOS LLC.

Traditional methods of verifying a vehicle’s collision and repair history rely on reported information from auto dealers and insurance companies. However, not all accidents go through insurance claims. These traditional methods of verifying a collision history can miss potentially serious incidents and repairs. As many as 50% of car accidents do not show up on vehicle history reports. Accident Scan offers a service that helps users save money and avoid stress. The app is presently the only tool in the market that can identify accidents and repairs without using an on-site expert.

“This app is fantastic. I was looking forward to buying a used car, and this app helped to show that it had been in an accident. I would highly recommend this app to anyone who is looking forward to buying a used car. It was extremely helpful,” said Patrick S, a customer.

Accident Scan app is available today for iPhone and iPad users at the App store.

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