Enplug’s Signage Player Gives Life To Social Media Posts

Culver City, CA – In any industry today, social media has become imperative to connecting businesses with consumers. Enplug, a software company in California, has recently made great strides in helping businesses use their social media in conjunction with digital signage in order to stream tweets, media, weather, news, and more. To do this, Enplug offers a device with a preinstalled CMS (content management system), which allows users to simply plug in and play, displaying their desired media and content on a screen of their choosing.

“Social media is by far the easiest and fastest way to interact with consumers, and it has become imperative for companies to find ways to get the most out of their social media,” emphasizes Colin Bovet, company spokesman. “But with Enplug software, you get so much more than general streaming to a nearby screen. Displays powered by Enplug software are more vibrant and engaging, easier to control and schedule, and more interactive than ever before. We are a visual communications solution for businesses, handling everything from customer marketing to employee communication and informational displays.”

Digital signage can be found inside of malls and shopping centers, as menu boards in restaurants, advertising specials in bars, and by providing information in corporate offices and college campuses. The only requirements to use digital signage are a TV or HD display and a content management software to run on a connected media player. Enplug provides this with a media player including CMS built in, which allows users to simply plug the media player in and start scheduling their preferred media. Enplug features an award-winning web dashboard, which requires no training to use and can be accessed and used from across the room or across the world.

Enplug also offers an App Market for users, allowing them access to nearly anything they could want to display. From rotating menus and graphics to news, metrics, social media and more, the App Market is a veritable treasure trove of content for businesses to work with. And because the entire software is built with scalability in mind, it works as well for small businesses as for major corporations. Features include tagging, grouping, live monitoring, and role-based access to help users get the most out of their digital signage. Interested readers can learn more about digital signage and Enplug software usage here.

For companies who are considering using digital signage but are not sure of the best software for their needs, or those who are new to digital signage usage altogether, Enplug offers numerous case studies, news updates, and Enplug information from their easy to navigate blog. The blog also features updates for the Enplug App Market, including new products available for users. In addition, the company provides a well written FAQ section to answer software questions ranging from the general setup process and how-to of the software, to technical specs of media players.

Enplug is located at 6029 Bristol Pkwy, Suite 100 in Culver City, California (90230).

The company can be reached by phone at 303-746-5408, or from their website.

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Company Name: Enplug
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Phone: 303-746-5408
Address:6029 Bristol Pkwy, Suite 100
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