John P. Cito, New Jersey Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA) Examines The Financial Side of Divorce in New Book Titled Stress-Free Divorce

New Jersey Certified Divorce Financial Analyst™ (CDFA), John P. Cito, contributed a chapter about The Financial Side of Divorce for the new book titled “Stress-Free Divorce: Leading Divorce Professionals Speak”, benefiting charity.

Remarkable Press’ new charitable book project invited New Jersey Certified Divorce Financial Analyst™ (CDFA), John P. Cito, to lend his expertise on the financial side of divorce.

According to Cito, couples should plan for their divorce with attention to detail, the way they planned for their wedding. When financial issues are combined with emotions, the results can be devastating as asset and debt distribution affects every aspect of your life.

Cito, said “Marriage is about love and divorce is about money. I help divorcing women by simplifying the complexity of their financial situation. Then I help them develop a strategy to obtain the best settlement and serve as their personal Chief Financial Officer to handle their financial issues after their divorce.”

In Cito’s chapter, he explained the biggest myths or misconceptions about the role a CDFA plays in a stress-free divorce by saying, “First and foremost, many people have never heard of a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst. I have heard on numerous occasions ‘I wish I had you when I was getting divorced’. In addition, I invariably get asked questions such as “SO you are a mediator?” NO! or Are you a forensic accountant, once again NO! There are numerous challenges my clients face. When your marriage is over and a divorce is inevitable, the common knee jerk reaction is to call a lawyer. Since every divorce is different, now is the time that they have to assess their situation. It can be amicable and turn hostile and vice versa.”

Also in his contribution, he revealed his inspiration for becoming a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, explaining, “I established my own company after working for the Wall Street firms and in 2003 I had four women referred to me who were recently divorced. The referrals came from four different sources and no one knew of the other. Combine that with my parent’s divorce while I was in college. This was at a time there wasn’t any financial help available that focused on divorce financial issues. At this time I decided to specialize in divorce financial planning instead of a general financial planning practice. The ability to help a divorcing woman from the beginning to the end of her divorce and thereafter is very rewarding. Especially educating her on the financial issues and how everything will affect her future. ”

John P. Cito is an independent financial advisor, and a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst™ . He works with Matrimonial Lawyers, Mediators and Mental Health Professionals as well as individuals in the process of getting divorced as well as those recently divorced. Cito’s offices are located in Bergen and Monmouth County New Jersey.

“When I contacted Mr. Cito for help with my post-divorce QDRO I was already wary of lawyers, mediators, and anyone else who earns a living on divorce. He’s different. All the qualities that are still important to most people like respect, integrity, and honesty are immediately recognizable when you meet with Mr. Cito. And not just for the initial consultation, but every time. He’s never let me down.” – Carolyn M.

“Last year I divorced my husband of 11 years. He had become controlling and mentally/emotionally cruel. The relationship had clearly deteriorated and gone its course: We were no longer bringing out the best in each other, and it came to a point whereby I had to decide between keeping my marriage or my sanity. I left the marital home March 1 and shortly thereafter retained an attorney for $7500. Although I initiated the divorce, it was an emotionally wracking experience, frightening at times … and sad to experience the death of a dream.

However, one must pull oneself up by one’s bootstraps, as the saying goes. Six months later and $10,000 deep into the divorce process with my attorney – with no settlement agreement in sight – I met John and learned about the services he offers. John came on board in mid-August, providing the push and expertise that my attorney and I needed to move forward. The first question John asked was, “Where’s the written proposal for settlement?” Within a week, John and my attorney had created a draft settlement agreement, and a meeting was scheduled with our adversaries (my husband and his attorney) to discuss the terms. My divorce was finalized before year-end. (If John had not joined my “team”, I am certain that my divorce would have been delayed further and my attorney costs consequently escalated. Furthermore, I am certain that the financial solutions John proposed (related to pensions, alimony, etc.) would have been overlooked by my counsel.)” – Alberta Burman

“I have had the pleasure of both working with and referring clients to Mr. Cito and the Divorce Plan. Being one of the few Certified Divorce Planners in New Jersey, Mr. Cito and his firm bring a unique perspective to financial planning in divorces. Divorce financial planning is unlike standard financial planning. Divorce financial planning has issues and unique variables for clients to consider before, during and after a divorce. Mr. Cito and his firm understand these specialized distinctions and help guide clients through what would otherwise be a great and risky unknown.  I unequivocally recommend Mr. Cito and his firm to anyone contemplating, involved in or having recently completed a divorce.” – Brad M.

His chapter concluded with Cito saying “Be proactive and master your divorce. Remember, your lawyer works for you, I work for you, other professionals that may be involved in your divorce work for you. If you have questions, ASK, if you aren’t happy with certain events , SPEAK UP. Make sure that you understand and are comfortable with the results that you are getting. By working with me as a CDFA, you will empower and educate and yourself on the financial components that will affect your financial situation today and the years to come.”

To read Cito’s entire chapter, the book titled “Stress-Free Divorce: Leading Divorce Professionals Speak” is now available on Amazon

To learn more about John P. Cito, please visit, and his office can be reached at 877-B4UFILE (877-244-3453).

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