Leading Gaming Site Publishes its Best Gaming Monitors of 2017 Review

All Out of Gum one of the leading gaming review sites is delighted to announce the publication of its best gaming monitors of 2017 review. The site which has gained a reputation for its in-depth independent quality reviews has tested 14 of the best gaming monitors on the market today, and after a lot of heated discussions, the winners of the contest have released.

“The speed at which gaming and the accompanying equipment has evolved over the last few years is quite simply phenomenal,” said Joe Newell, the owner of the site. “Every member of our staff is a die-hard gamer, and as the monitor is a crucial part of any gaming setup we wanted to find The Best Gaming Monitor 2017. We spent significant time testing the different monitors, under both simple and more challenging conditions, as a monitor is a significant investment and we wanted our readers to get a full and well-researched review. Even though our passion is gaming, and we felt that our current personal monitors were perfectly adequate, many of the team were shocked by just how big an improvement there was in the 2017 monitors. There is a wide variety of alternatives in the marketplace, but we chose what we felt were the best overall gaming monitors to test. Our aim is to become the number one website for gaming news and reviews in the world, and we are already hard at work on the next set of reviews.”

All Out Of Gum is a gaming news and review site, based in Maryland. The company was set up by a group of friends who shared a burning passion for everything gaming related, and their website has quickly established itself as the go-to portal for all things gaming. With new content and reviews published on a regular basis, the site continues to grow and develop rapidly.

If you are interested in the gaming industry, or simply enjoy playing games visit their website at alloutofgum.com

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