Gemini and the Bear Photography are Atlanta’s most hands-on team wedding photographers

Atlanta, GA – Gemini and the Bear is a wedding photography company that has a passion for capturing top-notch photos for a couple’s big day. Their photographic aesthetic and hands-on approach when it comes to their clients and what they need to make their day special is what makes their company stand out from the rest.

Every day, thousands of couples are engaged and thousands more take their vows and pledge to stay together forever. And with either of these events, couples want to have these monumental occasions encapsulated forever so that they, their families, and children can look back on it with awe and wonder. That is why it is so important to have a talented wedding photographer on site, so that couples can have their moments captured on film. Yet, not every wedding photographer is the same and Gemini and The Bear Photography proves that with their unique way of doing things when it comes to their client’s special day.

Created by a husband and wife team, Gemini and the Bear is a photography company that goes above and beyond the call of duty. Their services don’t just include taking wildly creative photographs, they also help in the wedding in other ways. From being helpful with a well-timed beverage for the groom, holding a bouquet for the bride, or reeling in relatives this team is prepared to handle anything, while still getting the perfect shot. They even come prepared with a survival kit for the bride. All these things showcasing just how dedicated they are to their craft and their clients. Which are traits that many other wedding photography Atlanta companies lack.

The laid back yet professional vibe of Gemini and the Bear is something any couple would enjoy having at their wedding. They are committed to not only capturing the best quality photos of their client’s wedding or engagement, but they also want to make sure the day is as relaxing as possible. That is why they carefully prepare and plan for their job which results in amazing pictures every time. And in addition to their photography services, they also offer video and photo booths for a couple’s big day.

This company is stepping up what it means to be a wedding photographer and are well on their way to the top wedding photography Atlanta has to offer.

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Company Name: Gemini and the Bear Photography
Contact Person: Ryan Purcell
Phone: 4045942858
City: Atlanta
State: Georgia
Country: United States