, an Industry Leader, Offers Consumers Cat-6 Kabels For Networking

Netherlands – NetwerkKabel is a Dutch company based in Hengelo, and specialise in networking that can be used for computers and audio, including the increasingly popular Cat6 kabels. The Cat6 kabel in their store,, provides a strong connection and has much better quality shielding and higher bandwidth than a normal Cat5e kabel.

With their inventive designs and high-quality of products, NetwerkKabel is seeing a tremendous response from consumers and the industry, especially with their Cat6 Kabels. They have multicoloured cables in store, which have one colour for the tip of the cable, and another colour for the cable itself, making it truly individual, unique, and quirky. Not only can a customer choose a cable colour to suit the furnishings in their home, but they can also choose the desired length, and between having a round or flat cable.

What also makes the Cat6 Kabel popular is that it is easy to remove, very flexible, and has a safe and sturdy inner wiring. Not only have they produced the cables with different coloured tips, but also the way the ends are cast mean that there is a zero fraying to the wiring, which then in turn prolongs the life of the cable.

Netwerk Cable also provides and sells other cables, such as, Cat5, Cat6 S, Cat6a, and Cat 7. On their store, you can find other popular and necessary cables, like the fibre optic, coaxial, HDMI, and power cables. As well as a range of the most top quality wires and cables, they also sell network tools like cable strippers, batteries, crimping tools, spray dusters, block pressing tools and much more.

NetwerkKabelis a huge online store for this particular niche and they continue to astonish consumers with their offerings.You can choose from a range of network surface mount boxes, keystone wall boxes, coloured blind tops for unused ports, and different coloured and length cable ties.To top it all off, they also sell server cabinets and closets. These cabinets and closets range in size from a 12U to a 47U storage.They too, come in different shapes, sizes, colours, and different materials.

Above all, the production of Cat6 Kabels really has gone above and beyond the norm, and continues to impress and satisfy all their customers around the globe. With the demand increasing, Netwerk Cable is sure to stay ahead of the game with their innovative products and wide range of selection.

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