American Automotive Service Solutions Extended Car Warranty Offers Huge Savings

WENTZVILLE, MISSOURI – 10 Apr, 2017 – An extended service contract company has helped protect many of its current clients from pricey car repair costs. American Automotive Service Solutions (AASS), a policy provider based in St. Louis,  Missouri, offers coverage for car owners whose factory warranties have already expired. Policies offered by the company are “quite affordable,” according to reviews. Aside from their affordable policies, American Automotive also offers comprehensive coverage for those who want full protection for their vehicles.

With an aim to provide reliable coverage, the company assures prospective customers that they won’t only save on repair costs but will also get the support they need when needed. American Automotive has several packages available that meet clients’ needs. Representatives of AASS also say that their vehicle service contract packages can meet any type of budget. 

Money Back Guarantee

Customer satisfaction is important for AASS and because of this, the company has a 30 day money back guarantee for their vehicle protection plans. With an aim to be better than other extended service contract companies, AASS ensures that it gives its clients the best options and service possible. Customers do not need to worry about phony solicitations as well. 

American Automotive also works with the top extended service contract administrators in the United States to ensure that clients are not left stranded or on their own when assistance is needed. AASS works with Marathon, MBPI, and AAS. 

Designed To Save Clients Money

The main aim of American Automotive is to give car owners peace of mind. With packages designed to eliminate expensive car repair costs while keeping in mind their clients’ budgets, American Automotive Service Solutions is one of the most accessible extended car warranty services around.

Unlike a factory warranty where car owners have to haggle to save some money on repair costs, AASS provides support by taking care of all parts that are covered by the policy. This means that clients are never left to their own devices when their cars break down. American Automotive Service Solutions also offers trip interruption coverage where clients are reimbursed for unexpected repairs while on the road. 

One of the company’s best coverage options through its partners is the Marathon Platinum Vehicle Protection Plan. This plan covers car rental fees in case the vehicle breaks down while the client is over 100 miles away from home. Aside from this, this platinum plan also offers clients protection for nearly all car components. This includes the car’s cylinder head, piston rings, valve filters, and piston. Ideal for car owners who rely on their vehicles every day, this plan is the best plan for those concerned about their vehicle’s engine. 

One of the unique features of this particular policy is brake coverage. With the most important safety component covered, clients can never go wrong with this AASS plan.

Another plan from AASS is the MBPI Premium Vehicle Protection Plan. With absolute protection in mind, this plan provides roadside assistance and also covers repairs, empty gas tanks, flat tires, and lock outs. AASS also has American Auto Shield Vehicle Protection plans available.

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American Automotive Service Solutions’ industry experience and its dedication to its clients makes it one of the most trustworthy extended warranty companies in the United States today. AASS has the right package option for everyone regardless of the make and model of the car, its coverage requirements, and the owner’s budget.

For more information about the packages that AASS offers, car owners looking for reliable coverage can call 800 293 5048 or contact them through social media sites & The VPA at: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

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