Microseven Protecting Homes With Free Real Time Live Streaming And Free Cloud Video Recorder

Walnut based cutting edge network camera manufacturer Microseven is offering free real time live streaming from its industry-leading digital surveillance camera through free app. The company assures real time view of the footage from anywhere with its free cloud recording.

Walnut, CA, April 11, 2017: Busy parents in office are usually worried about their children back home. Add on to it the tension of unwanted break-ins in your heaven when you are juggling meetings with clients. Nothing can match the helplessness of not being able to know about the mishaps in your home when you are not there. But no such worries anymore! Walnut-based network camera manufacturer Microseven assures a stress-free life now with its free real time live streaming facility with state of the art digital surveillance camera app. Free to download, the app will display live playback of surveillance camera footage from your home through cloud video recording which can be viewed right from your office on your cell.



Added to smartphones; the real time playback can be viewed from your iPad or PC as well- practically any browsing device which sports a screen for display.

The users will just need to download the app from app store and then add Microseven’s globally advanced internet-based digital surveillance camera to it. The camera can be added either manually or through scanning CamID & PIN. Installation is easy and can be done without any professional help.



“We are excited to offer our cutting edge free live streaming from our advanced network camera through our all new Microseven app. We know you are always worried about the security of your home and kids when you are outside and this app will solve all such stress for you. The app would be connected to our camera so that it can send you real time playback of everything recorded by the camera”, stated Jianhua Cao, the man behind the Microseven system.

The video playback would be streamed with full audio.



“The best bit is that our cameras are equipped with our proprietary free cloud video recording so that the live streams can be watched in real time from any browsing device (connected with internet). This way, even when you are miles away from your home, you will have a complete hangs of stuff going around in your home and you will be able to take the necessary steps on time. For example, if you spot a break-in at home while you are not there, you can immediately inform the cops to take action.”

There is no limit on the number of users who can view the playback.

However, home surveillance is not the only facility with the Microseven system. The single camera covers multiple applications such as animal hospital cam, bird cam, webcam, vehicle dashboard cam, street cam, sports cam and so on. Entrepreneurs would be able to use it as meeting hall cam to stream the live conference discussions with delegates who could not be present at the seminar in-person.

“And yes, added to all the surveillance and business uses, you can use our camera and app to record and stream your fun moments. It can even serve as beach cam so that you can live stream your cool holiday adventure to your family and friends.”

To know more about Microseven network cameras and download the app, visit www.microseven.com.

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