DPPM Holdings with a net worth of more than 800 million dollars , is an industry leader in Education, language training, business and finance services, finally launched the legendary “BRIDGE TO THE WEST“.

Now, what is Bridge to the west. Bridge to The WEST is the largest foreign language education provider in the world, the company basically has a LOT of language institutes all over the world, from the United states to turkey and the United Arab Emirates other than the fact that students pay one third of the industry’s tuition. they also get free visa assistance by a company’s lawyer and surprisingly  GUARANTEED admission into partner Universities without any language requirements based on the contract between the partner Universities and Bridge To The WEST.

While the company has a network of 1300 universities and colleges worldwide the company’s Founder And CEO, Mr. Alireza Dehghan said “we are expanding the university cooperation by the day.”

“We have been working on Bridge To The WEST for more than 3 years, and last month i finally launched it.” Added Mr. Dehghan Who is the Founder and CEO of DPPM Holdings and Bridge To The WEST.

While Bridge To The WEST currently has more than 10000 Students Worldwide, Mr. Dehghan said “I’m thinking about more than 100000 Students the first year” when i said isn’t that a bit greedy for the first year of a company. He said “I’ve Gotten worse odds.”

While Bridge To The WEST currently Only operates in English Languages when asked  Mr. Dehghan said “we are talking with German and French language in Germany And France Right now and hopefully they will be operating until September this year, starting the Germany and France schools are the most important subject for us right now and we are negotiating right now and I’m sure we will reach our agreements by July.”

To End the Interview, when asked what is happening right now in THE BRIDGE, Mr. Dehghan said “24/7 toll free support line in English and 7 languages in working our in the target country’s will be operational in weeks.”

To Sum up, while I don’t know about the naming “BRIDGE TO THE WEST” it seems to be the actual bridge to the west for tens of thousands of Students worldwide.

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