Indian Edition of ’Metrics for Winning Customers in Electronics’ by Vino Mody released

“This book covers all the useful methods for developing and reshuffling metric programs for any business in the electronic industry.”
The Indian Edition of ‘Metrics for Winning Customers in Electronics’ by Vino Mody is published in India by White Falcon Publishing.

Metrics For Winning Customers in Electronics by Vino Mody, published by White Falcon Publishing is an excellent reference book for developing and easy to understand metrics program and emphasis on customer-focused metrics for quality, cost, delivery, service, and efficiency. The book will be valuable in:

Understanding the basic concepts of measurement, Avoiding false conclusions or manipulation of metrics, Establishing practical metrics that synchronize with company goals, Using metrics to assess progress/results and identify and fill performance gaps, Charting meaningful trends by comparing metrics to other periods, products, or geographies, Defining rates and ratios that can be calculated and applied uniformly across your company, Viewing process/concept diagrams on metrics regarding automated tools for metrics selection

Vino Mody is a firm believer in the value of a well-managed performance metrics program and  team  play  as  the  most  important  factors  affecting the long-term  fate  of  any  company. His  passion  for thoroughness,  doing  things  right  the  first  time  and  accuracy  in everything that is worth doing is reflected  in his unique presentation on business processes and metrics contained in  this  book – his second book on electronics industry.

Vino  holds  degrees  in  engineering  and  business management and has had a successful career as vice president of quality in four different corporations in the U.S. and Switzerland over  the  last  25  years.  He has  been  credited  with  establishing metrics dynamics that achieved multi-fold productivity improvement in telecommunication companies. Vino has worked with over 200 electronics companies world-wide, and served on ASQ National Speakers List and the Malcolm Baldridge and Six Sigma boards at major corporations.

Vino’s first book was published in 2016 – Quality in High-Volume Electronics Design, Manufacturing and Deployment. We are pleased to announce that his next book entitled Invented AND Made in the USA is expected to be released in April 2017.

In this book, he tells that the success and survival of company depends on an effective metrics framework. Now a days every company is looking for leadership in the fast growing world economy. One can stay ahead in this competitive world with the help of this book.

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