Top Doctors in U.S. Join Together in Atlanta’s Leading Chiropractic and Wellness Team

Dr. Alan S. Frandsen

Roswell, Ga – April 12, 2017 – Atlantasphere was established by nationally renowned physician Dr. Elissa J. Smith and is already known in the Atlanta metro as the best practice to go to for chiropractic and the best integrated medical care.  The specialists at Atlantasphere treat their patients to stay well and to prevent illness or injury. 

As a first choice for many patients, the practice is recognized for specializing in cutting edge prevention of modern epidemic disease processes through cellular restoration and regulation of epigenetic expression.

Joining Dr. Smith, another one of the top doctors of chiropractic in the nation, Dr. Alan S. Frandsen brings his many years of specialized care to the practice and as an expert in network spinal analysis, chiropractic bio-physics, toggle, diversified full spine, Thomson, sacral-occipital technique, and activator methods.

On a practical down-to-earth level, all of that means that both Dr. Elissa J. Smith and Dr. Alan S. Frandsen encompass a holistic approach to all of their patient’s health.  All of the treatments are designed to empower each individual to live a wellness lifestyle that can provide the abundant energy and the vibrant health that their patients truly deserve.

“Our team believes in the amazing power and potential of the body to heal itself,” Dr. Smith explains.  “We are dedicated to providing the absolute best in natural chiropractic care, knowledge and resources to our community, so that we can help as many people as possible on their journey towards optimal health and vitality.”

Dr. Alan, as his patients refer to him elaborates, “We believe that your body has an incredible ability to heal itself, given the right environment and no interference.  We help health conscious individuals and families to gain new levels of freedom by simplifying the body and empowering the mind.”

Personal Information 

Dr. Alan has been a life-long patient of chiropractic but was awakened to the true power of it when his oldest son Nathan was a newborn and diagnosed with Failure to Thrive Syndrome.

Nathan could not hold down food which resulted in him failing to gain weight. After the pediatrician said there wasn’t anything that could be done, Dr. Alan and Leanne (his wife of now 33 years) took their son to see the chiropractor with them on their routine visit. With only one simple adjustment, Nathan went from spitting up as many as 40-50 times a day to hardly spitting up at all. It was then that Dr. Alan knew the life changing power of chiropractic.

In 2008 at the age of 48, Dr. Alan moved his family to Georgia to pursue the dream of being a chiropractor and helping people and giving hope the same way his family had been. He is compelled by the philosophy of “The Power of One”; that one individual can alter the course of human events, including of course their health.  

Dr. Alan is a graduate of Life University in Marietta, Georgia with a background in Health Services. He is an Eagle Scout and has a long-standing history of leadership with The Boy Scouts of America. He enjoys telling “dad jokes” and spending time with his friends and family.

About Atlantasphere

Atlantasphere Chiropractic is a practice with a wide variety of techniques, procedures, giving special consideration to do everything to help patients feel better as fast as possible. This may include advice on how to avoid future problems by evaluating lifestyle activities, ergonomics, posture, orthotics, and/or diet. Proactive recommendations include exercises and stretches; ergonomic tools like back supports, belts, or pillows; home rehabilitation tools like foam roller, elastic bands; orthotics; and/or dietary support.

Patients of Atlantasphere Comment that:

• The chiropractor and staff are friendly and courteous.
• The patient feels very comfortable talking with the chiropractor.
• The chiropractor fully answers all questions asked by the patient.
• The chiropractic doctor listens to the patient’s complete explanation of symptoms and concerns.

Atlantasphere Philosophy:  “To assist and empower the best wellness possible is the calling of a great doctor. Any doctor can locate a disease.”

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NOTE:  If you are experiencing a life-threatening emergency call 911.

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