Modern Living with kathy ireland® Introduces serumtologie: Revolutionary Anti-Aging Treatments

Company Leader Will Talk About Their Innovative Skincare Solutions

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(LOS ANGELES, April 12, 2017) — Modern Living with kathy ireland® announces an exclusive story featuring Vanessa Powers, Co-Founder of serumtologie, unique anti-aging serums and moisturizers.

Located in Beverly Hills, California, serumtologie is a leading maker of novel, innovative skincare serums. Their flagship product — C serum º22 — combines a revolutionary form of vitamin C at a 22% concentration level, along with synergistic actives, including botanical hyaluronic acid, MSM, vitamin E and ferulic acid. It was formulated to be the most effective vitamin C serum on the market, offering exceptional value compared to other high-end products.

Powers says that serumtologie strives to be the healthy, natural and transparent skincare choice for people looking for great anti-aging treatments. She explains, “All of our products are vegan, paraben free and organic. There are zero harmful ingredients, so they won’t harm or irritate your skin. We’re also very transparent in our ingredients. They’re all clearly labeled on the box and the bottle. Plus, we go the extra mile by listing the exact percentages of each powerful, potent, clinically-proven ingredient on our vitamin C serum bottle.”

JL Haber, Vice President of Programming for Modern Living with kathy ireland®, is excited to feature serumtologie. He says, “The story behind serumtologie is truly inspiring. Vanessa Powers loved luxury skincare products but didn’t love their high prices. That’s when she went out and created her own brand of skincare products that offers comparable luxury and clinically-proven ingredients but without the high price tag. We love seeing a great success story such as this one, and it doesn’t hurt that serumtologie’s amazing products are so good at helping to bring back skin’s youthful glow. We’re so thrilled to feature serumtologie on our show.”

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