Airwheel C8 Racing Intelligent Helmet Gives More Than People Thought

As a product of Airwheel, C8 full face helmet surely goes far more than what you can imagine about a helmet. Besides being your protector, it can also become your camera and music player.

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The former products of Airwheel have been limited to electric scooters, but now Airwheel has released many other types of gadgets, like the smart helmet and unmanned aerial vehicle. C8 helmet camera is one of them and it gives more than you think. It can be your protector even in extreme conditions, and it can also be your camera and music player.

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The primary function of Airwheel C8 is to serve as your protector for its high-quality design. The shell of Airwheel smart bike helmets adopts the ABS material and has passed rigorous testing of extrusion, impact and high temperature to give rider maximum protection. Plus its application of the integrated forming technology, Airwheel C8is both of high impact-resistance and can give little pressure to your head.

C8 helmet camera 

What’s more, Airwheel C8 enables wide ventilation area and great ventilation intensity as it has a comprehensive ventilation system, which consists of front air inlet, deep inside ventilation slot, top streamline vent and rear vertical air outlet. More importantly, Airwheel C8 full face helmetcan protect you even in dreadful conditions. It can be used from -10 to 55 degrees. As a result, you can wear the helmet when you go rock climbing, when you have an off-road adventure cycling, and when you take parachuting.

C8 helmet camera 

Additionally, C8 motorcycle helmet can be your camera and music player. It has a camera of 2K resolution and 120-degree field of vision, plus the position of camera is very near to your eyes, so that the pictures are as if taken by your eyes.

You can take pictures and record what you have seen just by pressing a button. More surprisingly, through its built-in WIFI modular, you can transmit the pictures and video records to your social platforms. As for its function as a music player, C8 intelligent helmet has a Hi-Fi speaker which can let you enjoy the music while hearing the environmental sounds to make the riding more pleasant and safer. From now on, wear Airwheel C8 to be immersed in your riding or racing.

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