5 Star Psychic: Affordable Tarot Readings For All

USA – When it comes to receiving answers about pressing issues, many turn to those blessed with the rare abilities to see forward and predict the outcome of several possible scenarios one might be pondering. The process, though, is often associated with exorbitant fees, while the contact with the people offering the aforementioned services often feels impersonal. Ms. Rose Milano founded 5 Star Psychic to share her gifts with the world, aiming to make her services accessible to anyone in need of relief during times of trouble.

Upon entering the website, visitors are greeted by a welcoming message by Rose herself, wherein she shares a message of hope with visitors: that she can help them overcome their uncertainty and their fear of the unknown, through acting as a vessel for communication with different dimensions and those planes of existence only visible to the rare few, like Rose, who are blessed with the ability to access them.

Rose has been described as “a heartfelt professional psychic medium”, while her vast abilities include “clairvoyance, as well as being an animal intuitive”, as well as numerous divination styles. Aiming to cater to her clients’ comfort, Rose uses Egyptian tarot; Lord Ganesha tarot, pendulums and offers intuitive pet readings and psychic medium readings.

“I am a fourth generation psychic, although I am convinced that women in my family have long carried this gift for many generations. I became aware of my gifts since the age of 5, and for 20 years now, I have helped people communicate with departed loved ones, and receive answers to questions that occupy their thoughts and demand action”, said Rose. She continued, “I aim to help those wanting to learn more about meditation, spirit guides, animal totems, chakras, auras, dream interpretation, crystals, divination styles and accessing their higher self and past lives. My goal is to make my services accessible to anyone, which is why I offer $5 tarot readings, which have been the most popular service on my website. I am available on a daily basis, and my clients take comfort in knowing they can reach out to me, at any time, via email or Facebook Messenger.”

To learn more about 5 Star Psychic, please visit: http://www.5starpsychic.com/

Media Contact
Company Name: 5 Star Psychic
Contact Person: Rose Milano
Email: 5starpsychic.com@gmail.com
Country: United States
Website: http://www.5starpsychic.com/