Music Enthusiast Joe Blessett Brings His Unique Perspective To Songwriting On New Album Titled ‘678A011’!

There is something very visceral about the way songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Joe Blessett records his music. A collection of a litany of life experiences, each song flows from one to the next, illustrating a piece of his life and a glimpse into his innermost thoughts. The unique collection of tracks found on “678AO11” is a landscape of jazz and R&B finely tuned and a musical journey worth noting.

San Antonio, Texas – April 17th, 2017 – In order to fully appreciate the range and sincerity of “678AO11”, one must delve into the mind and musical history of Blessett. An imaginative songwriter, his creativity stems from his travels and experience as a musician that understands his own strengths and limitations. Having traveled Asia, a lot of his music revolves around seeking the truth and the creative process. Blessett has made it clear that he wants listeners to feel the music on a deep and meaningful level, not just listen to it.

At the center of “678A011” is the idea of finding the truth, the passion that comes with being aware, and the idea that there is no escape from the hand of time. It deals with the dichotomy of needing to stay grounded in the face of adversity, while also allowing oneself to run free. One of the underlying messages in his lyrical content is the idea of simply being oneself in the moment, knowing that the search is part of the journey, but at the end of the day being content is crucial to finding peace.

Recorded in a private home studio, “678AO11” is crafted with an emphasis on detail. Every note is in its right place and the album has an overall sound that is reflective of Blessett’s delving into what makes us tick. The album is heavily instrumental with meaningful lyrics scattered in only as an accent, and not as a centerpiece. Even so, the album has a way of illuminating deep emotional content that is nothing short of picturesque.

Wanting to be heard and not seen, Blessett no longer does live performances, but rather spends his time carefully crafting music for the mind. The perfect album for a day of introspection, “678AO11” is currently available on Amazon, iTunes and other musical outlets as well as a few physical locations.

To learn more about the music of Joe Blessett and his attempt to unravel the mysteries of life, visit or the Joe Blessett Bandcamp page. You can also see his video for “The Way” at on YouTube.

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