American HVAC Brings Relief from the Heat to St. Pete, Florida Residents

St. Petersburg, FL – Residents of St. Pete, Florida will be relieved to learn that American HVAC, the best ac repair company in Florida, has launched a new AC repair business in their area.

While it may still be spring according to the calendar, for Floridians, April typically means closed windows and running ac units as temperatures well into the 80’s become a daily occurrence. St. Pete especially, at the southernmost tip of the Pinellas County peninsula, sees the sweltering, humid heat arrive earlier than many in Florida.

With the arrival of the heat brings concerns about air conditioning units. In Florida, the temperatures rise much too high to live safely without a working air conditioning unit.

That is one good reason for the residents of St. Pete to celebrate the arrival of a new Florida ac repair company, one that has served the state of Florida for many years.

American HVAC Pros does the whole gamut of heating, ventilation and air conditioning services. They offer installation, maintenance, and repair to HVAC units both residentially and commercially. Because they are Florida born and bred, naturally air conditioning is their speciality.

The company has been recognized for its excellent customer service and is well known for its emergency ac repair in Florida. They boast a 24-hour emergency repair service that is unmatched by their rivals and guarantee that there are no restrictions for when repairs can be made.

American HVAC Pros has also made its services very user friendly, allowing service requests to be made via email or telephone. Once a request is made, they have an easy three step workflow process:

• Consultation: they will hold a phone consultation so that can fully understand and properly assess the customer’s needs so they can send out the best team to handle the job.

• Inspection: If service is required, whether installation, maintenance or repairs, they will perform a full inspection of the unit, surrounding area and property to ensure the best and safest work environment possible.

• Satisfaction: Claiming to prize customer satisfaction above all else,American HVAC and even offers a full, 100% money back guarantee for any work that does not successfully solve the customer’s problem.

American HVAC Pros services 40 cities in the state of Florida and have built a reputation of excellent customer service and quality work. It is certain that the residents of St. Petersburg, Florida will appreciate their presence.

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Company Name: American HVAC Pros
Contact Person: Rick Solomon
Phone: 727-202-2834
City: St. Petersburg
State: FL 33702
Country: United States