After fatal fire, how to know if a hoverboard is safe, and what to do if one has one or is going to buy one?

A while ago, the government started federal investigation because of an accident that two children die in a hoverboard fire in Harrisburg, and officially warned the citizens that your hoverboards maybe were insafe.

After a recall in USA last year, the products were removed from the shelves in some retail shops and supermarkets, and were not allowed to ride in many public places, such as airport, university, etc. However, many products remain in customers’ houses, so the government has to release a safety pre-warning again.

If you have a hoverboard at home or will buy one, please observe the following instructions about how to avoid uncertain risks:

Why does a hoverboard burn or explode?

From past experience, the reason why hover boards were catching fire was because of two reasons:

firstly the PCB that connects the battery did not have the necessary transistors and resistors to prevent over current and overcharge, leading to a fire.

Also, the plugs provided were also unsafe, not utilising a real fuse, which prevents and controls the current supplied to the hoverboard. Both these failings are a recipe for disaster.

How do you know if your hoverboard is safe, and What to do if you plan to buy one?

John Drengenberg, UL’s consumer safety director, saying that the firm’s testing of hoverboards and hoverboard batteries found hundreds of models that “passed the stringent safety requirements.”

Again, finding hoverboards and batteries, chargers with UL certification is advised, and online retailer Amazon, for example, continues to carry UL-certified hoverboard models despite its ban on many other brands.

UL certification was even endorsed by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, with Communications Director Scott Wolfson telling us: “That is the best safety standard in the country that aims to prevent fires with hoverboards. If you’re in the market for a new hoverboard, look for a marker on the product, on the packaging, that says it meets UL 2272.”

If you are looking to buy one, make sure you buy from an Business, and that the Plug is certified for your country, most importantly the box should not be generic, it should include the Company name and contact details and you should be covered with a minimum of 12 months warranty. Do not charge the hoverboard at night, and do not leave it unattended whilst charging.

What to do if you have a hoverboard at home?

It has been suggested that hoverboard owners monitor the charging process or purchase an external universal charger if the board they have doesn’t come from a reputable vendor.

1. Strongly recommend that you should check if your hoverboard charger is from a qualified manufacturer and bears a UL certification label or not .(You can check if a UL certification label on the hoverboard is counterfeited or not on the official website of UL.

Any qualified charger has over-charging protection. When a cell is fully charged, it will automatically cut off the current input and avoid its explosion because of its heat buildup. If your charger has rough appearance and no label, you should replace it or buy a qualified charger as soon as possible. For example, chargers made by Shenzhen Fuyuandian Power Co.,Ltd. (ifxit reported) had passed USA Grade 6 Energy Certification in addition to UL and other foreign certifications.

2. Check if the cell bears a UL certification label. If not, you should replace the cell or claim a UL certified product from the manufacturer. In addition to a high quality core, a qualified battery pack has a built-in BMS wall plate to guarantee use and charging safety.

3. Short circuiting may occur unless otherwise the hoverboard is used at a place far from water source and against fall and collision, etc.

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