Over 60% of E-Commerce Webpages Are Modified Each Month

New research shows how websites change and the resulting broad impact on SEM campaigns

BOSTON, MA – 18 Apr, 2017 – E-commerce marketers are modifying the majority of the pages on their websites each month, according to a new Vioby study, “Just How Fast Do E-Commerce Websites Change?” An analysis of major online retailer websites over a three-month period found that over 60% of the pages were added or deleted, or had their menus or filters changed nearly every month, thus requiring search marketers to update their ad campaigns frequently to ensure valid landing pages.

Today’s consumers usually start their shopping with an online search. Too often when they click on a search ad, they don’t see what they searched for or even get an error. Vioby analyzed data for major e-commerce sites and found that a significant reason is that the pages of e-commerce websites are changed frequently.

“When shoppers do a search and click on an ad, they expect to see what they just searched for,” said Alec Belfer, CEO of Vioby. “When they do, the bounce rate goes down and the conversion rate goes up. Vioby is committed to helping our e-commerce search marketer clients deliver the optimal shopping experience by ensuring that the shoppers always land on the most relevant webpage.”

The data was collected by visiting every page of each website at one-month intervals from late last summer to early autumn. The Black Friday sales and holiday shopping period were explicitly avoided. The retailer sites analyzed ranged from about 400 pages to 10,000 pages. The analysis focused on product category webpages and excluded differences solely due to which particular merchandise items were displayed on a page. Details can be found in the article, “Just How Fast Do E-Commerce Websites Change?” on the Vioby website. The article includes a discussion of the impact on retailers’ SEM campaigns, such as updating the specified landing pages for each keyword to account for the website changes and ensure the best user experience for the shoppers.

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