Loofah Back Scrubber’s Facebook Special Offer Gains Momentum

18 April, 2017 – Expert in skin care services and products Brusybrush proudly announces special offer via Facebook on the product, Loofah back scrubber. Loofah back scrubber for men and women is manufactured to address the challenges of the demanding modern lifestyle. This natural scrub massager brush is the perfect massager for a healthy and radiating skin.

Loofah Brush is a 2 pieces natural back scrubber brush and 36.2cm in size per piece with long handle shower brush made from 100% pure natural loofah, no labor chemical materials, non toxic, non stick oil and comfortable massage effects. Loofah back scrubber brush is easy to use in the shower. Loofah back brush is a skin exfoliator which removes  dead skin and impurities from the body surface when being used with body scrubs, shower gels or sea salt.

“Relax, unwind and indulge with our product made from high quality beach wood and natural boar bristles for your comfortable bath,” says the head of Marketing.

She says further, “Leave your daily skincare to the expert touch of all natural Brusybrush bath body brush and radiate confidence.”

Using loofah back scrubber helps in reaching even the most difficult spots effortlessly and deeply cleansing from back to shoulder or feet. The long handle of the loofah scrubber ensure firm grip for optimized control in use. Loofah back scrubber brush has a long handle which is detachable turning to a potent cellulite massager for improving skin texture, washing away stress, giving an overall feeling of peace and wellness that that radiates positive energy.

The Loofah back scrubber is available at 20% off, free shipping price of $ 10.39. Brusybrush is part of MCC global trading LLC, which is an online store for health, beauty and personal care products. 

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