Jeff Randall Makes Handling Taxes A Breeze For Individuals And Businesses

Making federal and state taxes a snap, Jeff Randall is committed to finding his clients every deduction, getting every refund, and resolving every issue.

Jeff Randall of Tax Break ( helps clients navigate both personal and professional tax issues with an eye on the bottom line.

“I help clients understand what affects their personal and business income tax liability and help them to plan to pay the least amount of income taxes legally and maximize tax refunds,” Randall says.

Randall offers clients up-to-date information on ever-changing tax laws, helping clients both avoid pitfalls can that can cost them money and take advantage of deductions or benefits that can actually significantly reduce their tax burden. Part of that is helping clients discern how much tax to have withheld from each paycheck, Randall says, including taking advantage of all deductions available.

When it comes to filing taxes, Randall is equally skilled at helping clients claim every deduction they are eligible for, including those from buying a new home or from making charitable donations. Additionally, newlyweds, Randall says, are frequently hit with large tax bills after their first year of marriage due to changes in their filing statuses. Randall looks for ways to minimize any such activity for young couples. Recent changes to the tax codes surrounding the end of the Defense of Marriage Act also spell changes for taxpayers that, Randall says, he is well equipped to handle.

“My work allows me to make a difference in my clients’ lives. I am blessed to be able to help taxpayers of all walks of life better plan and manage their personal and business tax situations,” Randall says. “Every day I can bring my expertise to bear to resolve a client’s tax problem, reduce or eliminate their stress and make life-long relationships.”

Offering clients support every day of the year, Tax Break, is committed to staying on top of each client’s taxes well beyond the crunch time immediately preceding April 15th. Doing so allows Tax Break to help clients make knowledgeable decisions, avoid crises, and take full advantage of all the trademarked and exclusive programs that Tax Break has to offer.

“Through our signature Refund Pressure and Prescription service, RP Rx, I provide clients with a checkup of their refund health at mid-year to make any necessary changes to ensure they end the year where they want to be,” Randall says. “The RP Rx follow-up analysis conducted in December allows clients to plan definitively for their end of year position and plan for the next year.”

In addition, Randall is able to work with both state and federal agencies regarding clients’ previously-owed taxes, acting as a mediator to help clear costs, fees, and liens and settle on a sum that is amenable to both the agency and the client.

One client, Randall says, was having significant problems stemming from unpaid taxes, including a lien on the client’s home. As a result of Randall’s efforts on the client’s behalf, he was able to renegotiate the amount owed after penalties and fees to allow the lien against his client to be removed and the overall amount owed to be adjusted down to a more reasonable amount.

“Our company infrastructure and experience in working with government agencies allows us to champion for our clients and bust through bureaucracies at the state and federal level,” Randall says. “We were able to bust through a five-year entrenched bureaucratic quagmire so the client could refinance and stay in her house.”

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