Epfilms Celebrating Five Years in Business and a Burst of Review Readers

Consumers of Camcorders Focused on 4k Camera and Video Camera Analysis

Epfilms TV is celebrating 5 years in the business and is experiencing an influx of readers as they do so..  As the popularity of 4k cameras surge, potential consumers are focusing on Epfilms video camera reviews now more than ever and it is happening just as the company enters their sixth year.

“We are pleased to be celebrating a successful five years and look forward to many more.  Serious potential 4k camera buyers realize that not every online assessment is non-biased, so they turn to Epfilms TV, a source they know they can trust to present the facts,” commented an Epfilms spokesperson.  “We provide reliable, non-partial evaluations while many others are simply trying to sell the product and therefore give biased information.  We have helped many and plan to help many more.  The sky is the limit to where this fine company will be headed in the future and we are excited about the possibilities.”

Epfilms TV is a company comprised of independent camera professionals who specialize in testing camcorders like video cameras and 4k cameras as well as film equipment and photography equipment as well. The products are then reviewed and rated.  The equipment also embraced those used for aerial filming and that which is used in professional movie making.

With the much anticipated upgraded Samsung Gear 360 coming out and Nikon releasing their 100th anniversary commemorative items this July, consumers are flocking to buy camcorders but first, they are looking to Epfilms TV as a trusted source to find out which new cameras are hits…and which are not. 

“In addition to photography and photography equipment, we are passionate about wildlife and conservation of the planet as well,” said the spokesperson.  “We are well respected for that too.”

The independent film and photography experts have years of experience in the creation of films and the testing of products which consumers deem important when looking for trusted reviews. The company provides reviews for non-professional, semi-professional and professional products based on consideration of size, quality, performance, price and many other stipulations. Epfilms also sizes up video editing software, drones and many other video-related items. They have earned a reputation of being trustworthy, reliable and non-biased which is attracting more and more to read the reviews.

With five successful years to build off of, Epfilms TV begins its sixth year with high hopes and expectations.  Camcorder, 4k camera and video camera consumers are looking to them to bring professional, trustworthy reviews and the company is focused on delivering exactly that for many years to come.

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