Airwheel takes part in the Canton Fair (Apr 2017)

Airwheel has pushed out its new products at the beginning of 2017 and these new comers include C series helmets, Z8, S8MINI, R3 electric assist bike and smart wheelchair. No matter the old or the new, they are presented on the 2017 Canton Fair.

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Canton Fair attracts numerous foreign trade companies with good credibility and sound financial capabilities, and overseas companies to participate in the Fair. It is held in Guangzhou, from 15th to 19th, April 2017. Airwheel’s new comers include C6, C8 motorcycle helmets, Z8, S8MINI electric assist bike kit, R3 and smart wheelchair, which came as a revelation. No matter the old or the new, they are presented at booth 144, Hall 12.1 on the Canton Fair.

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Canton Fair (Apr 2017)
The new products easily catch the attention of visitors. Though Airwheel Z8 electric scooter for adults bears a strong resemblance to the traditional scooter, it differs from them in the aspects of design and performance, which is worth for your personal experience. More importantly, it only weighs 6.5kg. Airwheel S8MNI two wheel electric walkcar continues the design of dual ride mode and improves its outdoor performance by adopting two 8 inch wheels as well as its aesthetic sense by selecting C shape operating rod. Airwheel R series of electric assist urban bike is better known for its multiple ride modes to achieve different purposes.
Canton Fair (Apr 2017)
Recently, AI is a hottest talking-point across globe. For now, the whole globe has gained a certain achievement. Airwheel electric-powered wheelchair is making effort toward this. To keep pace with the time, Airwheel also released its wearable equipment, i.e. smart helmets C6 and C8. The two auxiliary devices were used for protection during the ride. What’s more, riders can watch video, take photos, and review the photography via C6 or C8 helmet heads up display. The built-in Bluetooth enables the rider to answer the call without taking out his mobile phone.
Canton Fair (Apr 2017)
Canton Fair is a platform for import and export mainly, with various and flexible patterns of trade. The popularity of Airwheel mars rover will be proved once again. Find Airwheel at booth 144, Hall 12.1 to learn more details.

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