The all-in-one Bibiloo smart case now launches on Kickstarter

Bibiloo smart case is the newly launched multi-functional phone case developed by budding entrepreneur Gita Kashani that is now available on crowdfunding platforms Kickstarter and Indiegogo. On both the platforms, the all in one smart case is available for a purchase at an early bird price of $20.

The Bibiloo smartphone case is born out of a need to carry essential stuff such as cash, credit card or house key along with your smartphone. The idea came to Gita, when one day she forgot to carry any cash or credit card with her while going on her routine errands, only to find her smartphone with her, needless to say she faced  some serious inconvenience. Considering that smartphone has become such an essential part of today’s life that most people carry it everywhere and immediately notice when it’s missing, she went on a mission to find something on the market that would accommodate carrying all the essentials you need in one place, failing to do so,  she got inspired to build her own case and as a result, the birth of Bibiloo smart case all-in one!

Bibiloo smart case makes it easy for the user to keep up to 2 credit cards, some cash and even a house key in the specially designed very thin case so that you never forget to carry the important stuff when you leave the house. In today’s busy lifestyle, when there is so much going on in the minds of people, this smartphone case will take a lot of the stress away. This case also has a kick-stand which allows you to watch all your favorite shows on your smart phone hands-free and has an attachable lanyard so you can hang the phone around your neck or wrist for when you go on a jog or just want nothing in your pocket.

The Bibiloo smart case can carry the basic essentials securely in a compact space while protecting your phone with and extra layer of plastic inside.

“Bibiloo Smart-Case was designed for today’s lives where we are attached to our smartphones but can get too distracted to keep track of all of our other essentials. The design is Slick & Simple yet Functional & Smart!”, says Gita Kasani, the founder of Bibiloo smart case.

The featured design is the first in the three designs to be manufactured for all kinds of smartphones. This smart case has many features.  In addition to a sturdy kickstand a lan-yard so the user can go completely hands-free.  The user can store upto 2 cards, cash and a spare key inside the phone case plus it has a built-in mirror for a quick makeup and hair check.

Find more information on Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

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