Jolly Jesus Celebrates 420 In Light Of Cannabis Use Legalization

SANTA MONICA, CA – There is no greater celebration in the community advocating for the legalization of cannabis for recreational and medicinal use than that taking place on April 20th of each year. Jolly Jesus joins the movement comprised by millions of supporters around the globe, and across the US, who will once again light up their torches in unison on April 20th, 2017 as both a personal and political statement.

“Starting January 2018, California will join Alaska, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington as one of the few states in the nation that legally protect the people’s rights to recreational and medicinal marijuana use” said Mrs. Sharon Elizabeth, Jolly Jesus’s media representative. “Seeing as our company is based in Santa Monica, we have witnessed, first hand, the fervor with which law-abiding Californian citizens across the state fought for the ability to use cannabis either for their personal recreation, or for managing their individual medical issues, which, per their physicians’ instructions, would be alleviated through moderate, considerate and controlled cannabis use.”

She continued, “Jolly Jesus wants to congratulate all those who have actively contributed in helping to erase the stigma of recreational and medicinal cannabis use in their home states. The company also wants to publically declare its allegiance to those still fighting the good fight in the those states in the nation that have yet to take decisive steps towards implementing legislative measures which would regulate a controlled system ensuring that those seeking to use cannabis for medical or recreational use have legal access to it.”

Concluding her statements, Mr. Sharon Elizabeth said that “April 20th is a day to celebrate, and a date to think. California paved the way for medical marijuana legalization with the passage of Proposition 215 back in 1996 – when no other state had yet to dare even considering such move. We encourage those still approaching the subject with negativity or apprehension to read up on the science-backed evidence of the benefits of medicinal cannabis use, as well as the arguments set forth by those who want to use cannabis for their personal recreational purposes.”

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