Dragons instead of stars bring Chinese Travelers to the door of Hotels and Restaurants around the world.

CHINA – 20 Apr, 2017 – The “Feel Like Home” (www.feellikehome.cn) is the world’s first website aiming exclusively Chinese travelers, helping hospitality professionals (hotels, restaurants etc) throughout the world, to make the necessary changes to their businesses to adapt to Chinese customers, making their experience in a foreign country as pleasant as possible.

For that reason, “Feel Like Home” implements the “Five Dragon” Rating System, based on the scale of five Dragon, certifying their degree of adaptation to the needs of Chinese travelers.

The rating starts with one Dragon, where the hospitality company (hotels, restaurants etc) website is translated into Chinese and hosted on the FLH website at the same time taking the FLH Accredited stamp and last up to five Dragons, where the company should have an employee who is fluent in the Chinese language.

Professionals of tourism, depending on the size and nature of their business, pay a small fee to enroll as members and an annual subscription fee to get their website translate into Chinese and get posted on the FLH platform (www.feellikehome.cn), obtaining their first and the Dragon, and paving the way for the company to a market of 120 million Chinese travelers per year.

More than 150 hospitality companies all over the world have applied and are in the process of evaluation and certification to receive the seal of Feel Like Home and join the network of FLH Accredited.

Media Contact
Company Name: Feel Like Home
Contact Person: Nikos Kavoulis
Email: nk@feellikehome.cn
Country: China
Website: www.feellikehome.cn