Huanren Mount Wunv, The First Scenic Spot Customized by Tourists

On Apr. 20th, the opening ceremony of Mount Wunv with the theme “The mountain is for you”, jointly organized by Liaoning Mount Wunv Tourism Development Group and Sina Liaoning is opening up. Some local talents called on. Previously the name of the mountain was recruited on Internet. The net citizens named this mountain by themselves. Stimulated by the awards and costumized gift, they all participated in it enthusiastically.

The scenic spot, the first capital of kogurio, is listed on the World Cultural List. It is said that five women has stationed troops there. That is why it is called Wunv (five women). “The First Scenic Spot Customized by Tourists” is a strength. Talents, organized by Sina Liaoning go to Mount Wunv. Mr. Wang, one of the talents commented on Mount Wunv, “It is of highly cultural richness, and with beautiful scene. Mount Wunv is very suitable for the party or family. It is one more place for Liaoningers’ leisure.”

This activity tried the idea of “Traveling+ Internet”, the talents invited will show the beauty of scenic spot thoroughly and make them more popular and famous. The activity is very abundant, such as the show of Manchuria Nation, the excellent hiking task and the present customized by the scenic spot. These sectors can make the talents enjoy themselves very well and can impress them. Also the sina arbor will be set on the top mountain. The plaque ceremony is be then and there, give the reward will be given to the net pale who gets the award.

Liaoning Mount Wunv Tourism Development Group takes the advantages of Huanren tourism, promotes the innovation of tourism products, reform of development method, the efficiency of service. It plays an important role in reform and update of tourism.

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