Dr. Linda Tucker Announces New Book For Finding a Psychotherapist

Linda Tucker, PsyD, LCSW, announces her new breakthrough book written to assist anyone looking for a mental health professional to find the right psychotherapist.
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The book, entitled, “At A Crossroads: Finding the Right Psychotherapist (Even If You Already have One),” is written to aid people looking for help reducing the frustration in finding a mental health professional.

“I decided to write this book because I know from personal experience that finding the best psychotherapist is challenging,” says Tucker.  “I believe that when you are brave enough to acknowledge the need for help—most likely at a time when you are at your wits’ end—there should be a place to go for a helping hand.  I wrote At A Crossroads to be this kind of place.”

Selecting the right psychotherapist or psychoanalyst can be quite difficult for those looking.  Finding any other kind of  professional may be as simple as a Google search, however, determining the criteria for a psychotherapist who is really the right fit is not that easy.  And, it is vital to anyone seeking help.

Before becoming a mental health professional herself, Tucker struggled to find the right help.  Today, she draws from over 35 years of experience as a psychotherapist, couples therapist, psychoanalyst and “coaches coach” to guide readers in her book. 

Dr. Tucker currently practices in the San Francisco Bay Area, and hosts an award-winning iTunes podcast titled Challenge Your Thinking, where she interviews individuals who have challenged themselves, faced their fears, and accomplished great things. 

At A Crossroads” furthers Tucker’s mission to help people overcome the challenges that hold them back in life. “We all deserve the support needed to help each one of us pursue the path to good mental health, life satisfaction, and, in the words of Joseph Campbell, “finding our bliss,” says Tucker.

“At A Crossroads: Finding the Right Psychotherapist (Even If You Already Have One)” is scheduled for release in May in paperback and Kindle.  This release coincides with Mental Health Month, observed nationally during the month of May. The first chapter is currently available for preview on her website.

For more information about Dr. Linda Tucker, At A Crossroads: Finding the Right Psychotherapist (Even If You Already Have One), or the Challenge Your Thinking podcast, please visit: www.drlindatucker.com

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