Pegasun Helps To Stop Windows 10 Spying With Their Brand New Product

Arizona-based software company Pegasun (formally known as Synei) released a brand new product called Privacy Guardian, which helps stop Windows 10 from collecting/monitoring your personal activities.

According to the media, Windows 10 may be collecting your personal information. This has been a common concern ever since the release of Windows 10; however, Microsoft has yet to provide a viable solution to this problem.

To meet consumers’ demand toresolve this problem, few companies have taken it upon themselves to create products to disable spying activities occurring in Windows 10. However, in the long run, these software ended up causing more harm than good. In doing so, many consumers reported problems such as Windows Reset, system services, and other crucial features not working properly.Once faced with these sorts of problems, for a normal consumer, the only way to revert these changes is to completely reinstall Windows.

This is why Pegasun has created Privacy Guardian, to stop Windows 10 spying safely. Privacy Guardian provides several unique features, such as:

• Disabling all Windows spying related activities within a click of a button.

• Providing bunch of other utilities to disable things consumers don’t want in Windows 10.

• Using a firewall to prevent any sort of privacy data leak.

• Introducing dual-backup system so all your changes are easily revertible.

Privacy Guradian is a completely free to use product. It comes bundled with Pegasun’s System Utilities, which is an award winning software designed to clean, speed up, secure, and repair your PC. System Utilities provides over 25 unique utilities to manage your computer; Privacy Guardian being one of them.

About Pegasun

Pegasun offers vibrant free software solutions that are designed to maximize the speed of a PC and to accomplish a variety of other tasks such as clean up, tune up, backup, and secure a home computer.

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Company Name: Pegasun
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