Anty, New Real-Life MMO Game, To Debut Amid Great Fan Anticipation

HELSIBORG, SWEDEN – Following the summer of 2016 success of PokémonGO, Niantic and Nintendo’s location-based augmented reality gaming app, there has been a notable shift in the direction of game development, namely, the use of the latest available geo-location technology, in order to engage players in a wholly immersive, fully interactive gaming experience. Anty, the eponymous real-life MMO game developed by the Swedish-based Anty studios, shows promise as a successor of the PokémonGO app, as well as that of Tibia, which is one of the oldest and most notable MMORPG ever.

Anty players navigate their surroundings in search of monsters, cyclops and trolls, whom they are to attack, neutralize and loot for equipment and other game tokens. Preserving the principles of MMO gaming, Anty heightens user engagement through encouraging real-time collaboration between players located in the vicinity of one another. Using the game’s pre-installed map, users get real-time data on the geo-location of Anty’s resident villains, as well as that of other Anty players. Through mutual collaboration, Anty players can raise their combined experience rates, and help each other advance to the game’s subsequent levels.

“Hopefully players will enjoy the game and love the potential collaboration when fighting monsters together in real life. There are a lot of treasures to be found, and shared as well,” said Mr. Elias Hansen, CEO of Anty Studios.

Currently in the Alpha phase of development, Anty Studios is working around the clock to make new, exciting additions and interface updates. Some of the game’s initial features include, but are not limited to, “attacking monsters within 6 meters, calculated damage on player from attacking monster, calculated damage on monster from attacking player, level upgrade based on killed monsters and experience, level downgrade based on death and experience,” and more.

At this stage, gamers can register to play on the Anty website by using their email and a designated password, or by logging in using their Facebook account details.

The release of updated Anty versions will be communicated to the media via future correspondence.

To learn more about Anty, please visit:

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Company Name: Anty Studios
Contact Person: Elias Hansen
Phone: 0703084050
Address:Vastra Fridhemsgatan 6
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