Stop the Misery of Earth Day 2017: How to Beneficially Embrace the Life of Earth’s Unified Field

FRIDAY HARBOR, WA – 20 Apr, 2017 –

To Whom It May Concern,

Sadly, on this Earth Day, April 22, 2017, the misery caused by resource depletion, species extinction, mental illness and other disorders including climate change has increased, on average, 44 percent and counting since Earth Day 1975. We have brainwashed ourselves into a dangerous short circuit. Today, as in past decades, still no recognition of the prime source of this catastrophe and the readily available remedy for it is included in the social justice, environmental and climate information that is being offered on Earth Day 2017.

At this late date contemporary society still denies that we must engage in the established art and science of Organic Psychology to stop our expanding planet bankruptcy and the misery it generates. This process is squelched because we also deny our prejudice against Nature while irrefutable evidence demonstrates that Organic Psychology helps us transform our destructively misguided thoughts and feelings into behavior that peacefully increases personal, social and environmental well-being locally and globally.

To correct the egregious omission of Organic Psychology, for Earth Day 2017 Project NatureConnect has donated a potent article, book and CEU course that enables anyone to learn, use and teach the organic, 54 sense, nature-connected antidote for what ails us. In addition, folks may add its value to their personal or professional lives.

Organic Psychology works because in natural areas it enables us to create moments that let Earth safely draw out from within us its universal, self-correcting purity, balance and wisdom that we inherit and have learned to suppress. Once in play Earth’s natural powers enable us to promote health, safety and fairness while simultaneously reducing our expenditures in these areas. This experience is the best if not only teacher of what we need to learn.

Please announce our free Earth Day gift. Why wouldn’t you want the world to benefit from it? 

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For Peace on Earth through Peace With Earth,

– Michael J. Cohen


A Synopsis of the Art and Science of Organic Psychology

Industrial Society makes us suffer “Earth Misery” a runaway, destructive, natural resource, species and mental illness phenomenon that deteriorates personal, social and environmental well-being while ignoring its undeniable organic remedy. The remedy activates 54 natural senses that minimize the point source of today’s nature-prejudiced catastrophe that detaches, on average, over 98 percent of our time and thinking from the self-correcting ways of Nature. Nature, without producing garbage, creates Earth’s optimums of life, diversity, cooperation, balance, beauty and well-being. Five decades of all-season Organic Psychology research in natural areas exploring “attraction being conscious of what it is attracted to” injects Albert Einstein’s unified field of Nature into a warrantied, accredited, nature-connection process. The latter works in natural areas by substantiating sensations and feelings as facts that make objective science become whole-life practical. Funded and internet available, backyard or back-country this hands-on tool helps people create safe sensory moments that let Earth/Nature teach and heal.

Our Earthday 2017 Problem and its Organic Solution

We can sense that Industrial Society has emotionally attached us to drive an advanced technology automobile. As we speed this fuel-loaded, steel missile down the highway we see that it will go into a group of families having a picnic in a beautiful natural area. Because we have not yet been taught how to fully activate the car’s organic braking and steering system, in anguish we hope and pray that the vehicle will stop as we fearfully scream “Oh my god” or “whoa,” like the vehicle was a runaway horse.  These reactions are unscientific and outdated. They do not empower us to stop our high-tech car so we wreak havoc on people, places and things including ourselves, moment by moment.

The science of Organic Psychology brings us into a real natural area where we gain permission from it to grok (fully sense our self as being) the ways of Nature. This connection makes us aware of the natural world’s balancing and purification powers that have beautifully helped the life of Earth and us to develop and grow. We experience how and where we have excessively separated from its wisdom and in that moment have the power to close that harmful gap.


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